Every season It   has   been   an   interesting   40-year   run   in   the   NFL for   the   Buccaneer   franchise.   The   26-game   losing streak    to    start    it    all    off    followed    in    1979    by becoming   the   fastest   expansion   team   to   reach   a championship     game.          From     the     winless     76 campaign   right   through   to   the   2015   season   and the   firing   of   Lovie   Smith,   everything   is   here   in   this part   of   BUCPOWER.COM   including   every   game, every player and details from start to finish. Click here for the link
Every draft Since   their   first   foray   into   the   NFL   draft   in   April 1976,     the     Bucs     have     drafted     390     players beginning   with   Lee   Roy   Selmon   right   through   to the   final   choice   in   2015   of   Joey   Iosefa.            You   will also   find   details   of   every   player   taken   in   each   NFL draft    and    any    trades    that    took    place    involving Tampa   Bay   selections,   draft   steal   or   monumental bust, they are all here.  Click here for the link
Every coach Dirk    Koetter    was    announced    in    January    as    the 11th   head   coach   in   the   history   of   the   Tampa   Bay Buccaneers.    All    of    the    previous    10    from    John McKay      to      Lovie      Smith      have      pages      on BUCPOWER.COM   together   with   details   of   each season’s coaching staff. Click here for the link
Every game The   Bucs   have   played   628   regular   season   and   15 post-season   games   since   their   inception   in   1976. Everyone   knows   that   they   lost   their   first   26   games but   here   you   will   find   details   of   every   single   one   of those    encounters    from    the    very    first    one    in    the Astrodome   through   to   the   loss   to   Carolina   to   end 2015.   Eachgame   has   scoring   details,   statistics,   a game report and pictures from the game itself. Click here for the link
Every statistic The   choice   of   statistical   options   on   this   site   is incredibly   comprehensive   with   summary   offensive and   defensive   statistics   for   every   season.      Or   you can    check    out    the    franchise    records    in    12 different   offensive,   defensive   and   special   teams' categories     from     the     leaders     right     down     the players with just a solitary tackle to their credit.   Click here for the link
Super Bowl XXXVII And then on one magical night in San Diego, the Buccaneers became World Champions.   All those years of being the joke of the NFL, the losing streak, the wilderness years, the near-misses and the title game heartbreaks.    Click here for the link
Every number Every number from 1-99 has been worn over the 40-year history of the Buccaneers although only one has been officially retired, 63 for Lee Roy Selmon.   There are certain other numbers which have unofficially been retired, Mike Alstott’s 40, Ricky Bell’s 42, Derrick Brooks’ 55 and Warren Sapp’s 99.   Click here for the link
Every player The   Bucs   have   had   1,091   players   officially   become part   of   their   roster   and   they   all   have   their   own   page on   this   site.      The   1987   replacement   team   players and   even   the   two   who   only   ever   appeared   in   post- season   play.         Over      700   of   them   now   have   their own   picture   galleries   and   only   a   handful   of   them have no pictures at all. Click here for the link