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ON THIS DAY IN BUC HISTORY October 21, 1979 -   Run Ricky, Run Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21 Green Bay Packers 3 Click here for the BUCPOWER game screen - stats and pictures The 1979 Bucs, as featured in Denis Crawford’s magnificent book “McKay’s Men”, started the year 5-0 and then had two defeats to bring them back to earth.  To get back on the winning trail, Coach John McKay handed the ball to Ricky Bell and told the former USC standout to lead the way. This touchdown pass was a brief interlude from his running skills at Tampa Stadium as he carried the ball 28 times for 167 yards, going over, round and through Packer defenders all afternoon. Green Bay QB David Whitehurst was intercepted three times as the Bucs used their trademark combination of running, big-play passing and a stifling defense to up their record to 6-2.    All of which you can read about in Denis’ book - it really does come highly recommended!
BUCPOWER ON FACEBOOK Hundreds of Bucs fans around the world have linked in with this site through the social media option and you can too.  Simply search on Facebook for “Buc Power” and send a friend request.  Then you can see the daily video highlights that we add there as well as looking back at the memorable ones we have added in the past.
RECEIVER ISSUES Vincent Jackson may not be the force he was a couple of years ago but having him placed on IR with an ACL injury will still hurt the offense.   Mike Evans is the bona-fide leader of the receiving corps now but to avoid him being constantly double-teamed, the likes of Louis Murphy need to get back on the field and the re-signed Donteea Dye consistently produce. Adam Humphries has the slot under control and to take him away from there would hurt both spots and Russell Shepard has not really proven to be much more than a special teams dynamo in his time in Tampa. Having a double act at receiver is important as everything else can progress from imposing that on the defense.  The tight ends, the backs out of the backfield, Humphries underneath, it all comes from stretching the defensive scheme down the field. COLIN KAEPERNICK He may have gotten a ton of attention for his protest over the American National anthem and whatever your opinion may be on that, there is little doubt that he has fallen mightily from the player who led his team to a Super Bowl appearance.   A player like that is a distraction to a team irrespective of how he plays and his on-field performances have been nothing to write home about. Last week against Buffalo, the 49ers looked truly awful.   Chip Kelly’s coaching star has fallen a long way down the tree too and this is a team that the Buccaneers should beat, have to beat and will beat.  Dirk Koetter’s team still have health issues but part of the changing the mentality is winning games like this.  The win over Carolina was a start - now coming off a bye week, it is time to continue the progress and beat a bad dysfunctional team like the one in San Francisco.