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Buccaneer birthdays There are no members of the all-time Tampa Bay roster with a birthday on 30th November so it gives me an opportunity to wish my daughter Tanith a very happy 15th birthday.  She is now a lot taller than she was in this 2011 sideline picture with her favourite player Gerald McCoy
The BUCPOWER.COM Facebook page We have over 1,400 people now associated with the site’s Facebook page including many former players.   As well as the “On this day” video clips, other highlight clips from franchise history are posted on there with some great comments and memories being added once they are there.  Simply search “Buc_Power” on Facebook to become friends - it is a unique account rather than a group and all are welcome!
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Roster moves The Bucs re-signed DE/LB Kourtnei Brown last week and relased DE Lawrence Sidbury.  Brown played in the road game in New Orleans in Week 2 and then played one more game for the Houston Texans before being releaed.  He was extensively featured in the NFL’s “Hard Knocks” program that covered the Texans’ 2015 training camp and pre-season.
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The loss to the Colts You could see this one coming, a tough road environment against a team just a little better than the NFC East patsies we have seen in recent weeks.  No real criticism of Jameis or the offense as the Colts had an excellent gameplan but the defense went back to its bend-a-lot display from a month ago. Two home games now to kick the season back into gear.