ON THIS DAY IN BUCCANEER HISTORY Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 Buffalo Bills 6 Dec 8, 2013  - THE ULTIMATE START TO A GAME Click here for the game screen, reports, stats and pictures The Bucs have never scored on their very first play of a game but three years ago today, they came the closest so far by scoring on their second play. After Mike Glennon had thrown incomplete on 1st down, he handed off to Bobby Rainey and he went 80 yards down the left side for a score to begin a hammering of the Buffalo Bills, a fourth win in five games for Greg Schiano’s squad after an 0--8 statrt to that season. Tampa Bay was ahead 24-3 at the half and the defense took over with four interceptions of EJ Manuel including two by Lavonte David.   “All I can say is it was a great feeling,” Rainey said.  “The offensive line opened up a big hole and I never looked back. Once you get things going like that, you can relax and play your game.”
THE BUCPOWER ADVENT CALENDAR This is a traditional feature where each day until Christmas, I will show you a picture of a past or present Buccaneer and you have to identify them.  No prizes but the chance for some bragging rights.  Yesterday’s answer - Warrick Dunn But how about today’s picture - who is this Buccaneer back celebrating a score?
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WHO WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE, JAMEIS OR CAM? Can you imagine asking that question 11 months ago?   One was a rookie coming off some erratic performances, the other was the NFL MVP.   But now ….   well at least Jameis knows how to obey team rules. The demise of the Carolina Panthers from 15-1 to 4-8 this year has been dramatic but very funny.  They were happy to laud it up last year on their way to the Super Bowl, pose for pictures during games on the sideline and generally act like they knew it all.  Then it all went pear-shaped against Denver and the fall from grace began.  The debacle in Seattle last Sunday simply announced to the NFL that karma is a real bummer to gameplan against. Both Cam and Jameis came into the NFL as first overall picks with what we can describe fairly as some associated baggage.  There are Buc fans to this day who still have not taken to Winston but his leadership skills are evident to all.  As for Newton, well he simply now comes across as an immature petulant child who throws his toys out of his pram when things do not go his way.  Cam or Jameis?  I know which one I would rather have right now.
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