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November 10, 1996  -  Turning it around Tampa Bay Bucs 20 Oakland Raiders 17 The day when it began to turn around for Tony Dungy’s 1-8 Bucs.  It needed the Raiders missing a chip shot fieldgoal for the overtime win but the young nucleus of the team led by Trent Dilfer and Mike Alstott was coming through and the Cover 2 defense was starting to pay dividends too. Click here for the BUCPOWER.COM review of this game
OK so now this is getting really depressing.  Every Sunday it is the same, poor pass rush, stupid penalties, killer mistakes and another loss to add to all the ones that have come before.  And I simply cannot see anything changing over the remaining seven games of the season. All fans want is to see their team playing with passion and effort.  They can accept playing mistakes or off-field decisions that look bad in hindsight because that is life.  What they find galling is believing that the playing and coaching staff are simply going through the motions every Sunday at their expense.