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Reviewing the 2014 season
73 Anthony Collins Signed as an unrestricted free agent as soon as the window opened in March 2014 having spent the previous six seasons with the Bengals making 27 starts at both tackle positions. Started the first seven games at left tackle before missing a pair of games through injury. After three further starts at left tackle, was benched and designated a gameday inactive in each of the final three weeks. For now, looks to have been a real bust as a free agency acquisition. Click here for his profile page, statistics and pictures
QB Mike Boryla  1978  (64) P Chris Bryan 2010 (33) LB Chris Washington 1984-88 (53) Boryla was a former Pro Bowl QB who came to the Bucs in 1977 and immediately got hurt and hence only appeared in one game the following season.  Bryan was the “Blunder from Down Under” who punted badly in four games in 2010.  Washington was a pretty good pass- rushing linebacker who recorded 18.5 sacks during his Buc career.
The last time two quarterbacks were predicted to go 1-2 in the draft with endless discussions over which was better - 1998 and the Peyton Manning/Ryan Leaf debate.  History has of course told us which was the better choice and Extra Point had a legendary article where self-proclaimed draft expert Ceri Dovey claimed Leaf would be far better.  But there is a superb short film about the 1998 draft available on YouTube which I totally recommend to everyone to watch.  Click here for the link