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BUCPOWER.COM was launched in January 2002 and is the most-renowned Buccaneer fan site in the world.  It has had over seven million hits since its launch and is the definitive resource site about the franchise with every player and every game featured within its pages.  The site has always been free to access and will always remain that way.   There are now over 4,900 different screens within BUCPOWER.COM and over 12,500 images of the team dating back to the first appearance of the expansion team in 1976.   Run from England by long-time Bucs fan and historian Paul Stewart, the site is updated daily with a combination of the latest news from Tampa together with historical features and memories of days gone by in Buccaneer annals.  Became a Buccaneers fan in December 1982 having seen one of the first Channel 4 broadcasts of the NFL in the UK and after Tampa Bay defeated Miami 23-17 in that game, declared “that team in orange must be pretty good, I’ll support them”.   Forget the curse of Doug Williams as 14 straight losing seasons later .... He set up the Bucs UK booster club in 1984 and established it as the most recognised NFL fan club in the world having had a long association with the Tampa front office and media partners.  In 2009, NFL Films made a documentary about him and the fan club which was set around the Bucs’ first trip to Wembley in the International Series game.  He has also made several appearances as a guest presenter on Sky Sports’ live coverage of the NFL and has worked extensively in the British and American media. Sporting a 9-7 all-time record watching the Bucs live including 1-0 in Super Bowls, Paul lives in Surrey with his wife Kerrie and 14-year-old daughter Tanith, works for IBM and is the only three-time club champion in the history of Sunbury Golf Club and is the current course record holder.
About Paul Stewart
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