The No.98 shirt Another number that was not worn by any Buccaneer player until a decade after the franchise was founded. Its first owner, Tyrone Keys, was a former Super Bowl winner with the Bears who did little to impress with another NFC Central team. After James Ramey took the jersey for the replacement team, it was left to Ray Seals, a rare player in that he did not play at any college, to make it his own through five seasons with the Bucs, before he moved on to Pittsburgh as a free agent. And since then, there has been precious little talent to take the number any further although Ryan Sims did a nice job as a back-up in 2008. Frank Okam became a bit of a fan favourite in his two seasons simply because he is the size of about four of them. Clinton McDonald arrived as a free agent to beef up the defensive line in 2014 but has proven somewhat injury prone whilst starting alongside Gerald McCoy and left after his fourth season with the Buccaneers leaving it for 2019 draft pick Anthony Nelson to take it over. BEST EVER TO WEAR No.98 FOR THE BUCCANEERS - RAY SEALS
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