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THE GREATEST BUCCANEER HISTORICAL PROJECT The 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a legendary team for all the wrong reasons. They were the first modern-day team to go winless in a season and some of the stories from the staff from that year are now part of NFL history. “What do you think of your team’s execution” a reporter asked Coach John McKay. “I’m all in favour of it”. Nearly 150 players were involved in that first season from the expansion draft to the selection of future Hall of Famer Lee Roy Selmon. From Tom Alward to Steve Young, every player has their story told here. All the games, pictures, reports and video clips as the word highlights probably is not applicable. Welcome to the expansion Buccaneers on BUCPOWER.COM. Click here for the full feature
ON THIS DAY IN BUCCANEER HISTORY August 16, 2002 - Tampa Bay 20 Jacksonville 0 Another pre-season game with Jon Gruden on the sideline, another Buccaneer victory. If only Buc fans knew then that the season would end with one too in January. This shutout saw a pair of Tampa Bay scoring passes, Rob Johnson hitting Frank Murphy from three yards and then Shaun King finding rookie Marquise Walker with a 31-yard scoring pass midway through the 4th quarter. Yes the same Marquise Walker who was the first player the Bucs selected that year albeit in the third round, who never caught a pass in the regular season and was a serious malcontent through training camp and his time in Tampa. And then sold his Super Bowl ring. That Marquise Walker.
BUCCANEER BIRTHDAYS Antoine Winfield is 23 today. The Bucs’ starting safety who has proven to be an absolute steal of a selection in the 2nd round in 2020. He has started every game he has been healthy for and was a Pro Bowl selection in 2021. P Ray Criswelll (59) was the punter for the replacement team in 1987 and then made the 1988 team but recorded one of the lowest averages in team history making it his one and only full season. But he does hold one trivia fact to his name as he is one of only four Bucs to have scored a single point. Donald Igwebuike pulled his hamstring in a game against Chicago in 1988 and Criswell kicked the final PAT, toe-on style. RB Pat Franklin (59) was part of the 1986 debacle under Leeman Bennett and even made one start late in that awful 2-14 season.
THOUGHTS FROM THE FIRST EXHIBITION GAME At least there are only three of them in 2022 but to maintain a level of fan excitement about a game like this is so hard - even I do not stay up all night to watch it live. But it went to the wire and gave Scott Bradford another new kicker to dislike. We asked a Gator fan for their opinion of Kyle Trask’s performance. “He was brilliant, a future star in the NFL”. We also asked a Seminole fan the same question. “Totally inept, the interception and fumble cost us the game”. And there you have why you rely on the coaching staff for their critique. But Trask is the No.3 behind Brady and Gabbert. It is pretty clear Ryan Griffin is in camp simply to throw balls whilst Brady is away and to save other arms. The football equivalent of Yu Chang pitching the 9th inning for the Rays. Other notables were the play of the rookie tight ends in the first half, Robert Hainsey did pretty well at center and both Chris Myers and Ronde Barber were in top form from the first play. But some of the hairstyles on the bench? Since when did the Bucs sign Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons?