28 Dec
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Did you get the 21st December picture from our Advent countdown correct? This picture comes from December 1984 and features the best running back in franchise history, James Wilder, throwing his one and only NFL pass in a road game in Green Bay.  And it went for a 16- yard touchdown to his full-back blocking partner, Adger “Lead Dog” Armstrong as the Bucs took a 14- 0 lead in a mudbath of a field at Lambeau.  Unfortunately the Packers came back with 27 unanswered points and the Bucs fell to 4-12 on the season before rallying with two consecutive home wins to end Coach John McKay’s NFL career.
Each day we will show you a picture from the history of the Bucs- all you have to do is answer the who, when and what.  No prizes except for personal glory and you can put your answers on the BUC POWER Facebook page.  So how about this picture?   What can you say about this one?   Bonus points for any additional trivia items you can add.