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Just one former Buc has a birthday today and that is TE Alex Smith who scored two touchdowns in his first NFL game in 2005 and then returned to life as a middle-of- the-road receiver and blocker for the next four seasons.
84  The worst collapse in team history “A Buc is only worth three quarters” was the headline in the St.Pete Times as Tampa Bay blew a 28-3 lead in the final quarter to lose to the St.Louis Cardinals. But even then the Bucs had a chance to tie when Donald Igwebuike attempted a 53-yard fieldgoal with the final play of this 1987 game. 
NFL RULE CHANGES The NFL owners’ meetings this week in San Francisco (hang on, is that the reason Denis Crawford is in the Bay Area right now?) has seen a change to the PAT with kicks now taking place from the 15- yard line.  The PAT had become about as exciting as watching paint dry or listening to Dumb and Dumber on WDAE620 so I guess anything to liven it up would be worthwhile.  It could lead to more two-point attempts but the defense now has a chance to score on such a return which is good for the Bucs seeing how Matt Ryan plays them twice a season.   Remember it is 21 years now since the two-point conversion was actually introduced into the NFL rule book.