The No.95 shirt Quite a number of defensive linemen have taken this number over the past two decades for the Buccaneers, but the first player to wear it for the franchise, Curt Jarvis, is our selection as the best-ever to wear it too. He was was a hard-working nose tackle who was beginning to prove his own in the NFL when he sustained a serious neck injury that ultimately caused his retirement. Mark Duckens was convicted for smuggling steroids during his NFL career and was followed in the 95 jersey by some career back-ups including former Bengal 1st round pick Reinard Wilson who arrived briefly at the end of the 2003 season. John McLaughlin wa an under-sized defensive end who was a very good special team gunner for his two season and is a big supporter of BUCPOWER.COM. Chidi Ahanotu took the number during his short return to the Bucs in 2004, but Chris Hovan did make a challenge to Jarvis as the best 95 with his play since resurrecting his NFL career in Tampa Bay but the definition of pass-rusher did actually involve getting to the QB, something Hovan did not do for the last three years of his career. Fat Albert arrived in Tampa trying to resurrect his fallen career in October 2011 and finally found a defense he was happy in, one called "All you can eat". Howard Jones never gave us a chance to know him well and other recent owners have flattered to deceive in the 95 jersey. BEST EVER TO WEAR No.95 FOR THE BUCCANEERS - CURT JARVIS
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