This shirt was the domain of the back-up quarterback for many years in Buc history. Even Craig Erickson started his career as No.3 to Vinny Testaverde and Steve DeBerg before going on to start for two years. Jeff Komlo was a former Detroit Lions QB who was the No.3 QB during 1983 and saw meaningful action in only one game that season. Alan Risher was a refugee from the USFL who held for extra points throughout 1985 but whose only appearance on the stat sheets was a run on a fake fieldgoal attempt against the Rams in October that year. John Reaves was a former Tampa Bay Bandit who started the first two replacement games, and even former Washington/Colorado coach and part-time gambler, Rick Neuheisel, wore No.7 with the Bucs based on his performance against Tampa for San Diego in the second of those strike games. Jeff Carlson was No.3 QB but did make one start in 1990 and Sean Landeta was the first non-QB to wear No.7 when he replaced Tommy Barnhardt after the latter got hurt during 1997. Which brings us to Craig Erickson and Martin Gramatica. The latter's problems began before he switched his number to 10, but Erickson was one of the guys, a player all the linemen loved. The Bucs even managed to get a first round pick from the Colts for him in 1995 too. Martin won many games for the Bucs especially during the Super Bowl season. Bruce Gradkowski wound up starting 11 games as a rookie in 2006 and then was replaced as starter and in the No.7 jersey by Jeff Garcia who had the role for two seasons in Tampa before being allowed to leave through free agency. His replacement, Byron Leftwich, will probably remain the largest No.7 in Buc history but has since gone on to become the Bucs’ offensive co-ordinator under Bruce Arians. Patrick Murray had two stints with the Buccaneers and wore the number in both his years in Tampa Bay as did Chandler Catanzaro during his half-season in 2018 before being released. The change in the NFL numbering rules allowed Leonard Fournette to switch to this jersey, his college number, for the 2021 season. Shaquil Barrett took it over for the most recent campaign. BEST EVER TO WEAR No.7 FOR THE BUCS - MARTIN GRAMATICA
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