The No.69 shirt After a few early no-names to own this number, Pete Pierson came along to play in over 100 games during his Tampa career and started most of the 2000 season at right tackle. George Yarno wore three numbers during his two stints with the Buccaneers but only wore No.69 in the 1985 season opener. Brian Blados was one of Sam Wyche's former players who saw brief action in two games in 1992. When asked if he had picked up Blados, Wyche replied, "No-one picks up Brian Blados - he weighs more than 300 pounds." Anthony Davis did a nice job for a couple of seasons at the tackle position but lost his starting spot when he was on the verge of challenging Pierson for the top 69 honour. Demar Dotson became a starter in 2012 and has become the longest-serving Buccaneer currently on the roster, playing for no less than five head coaches in the process from Raheem Morris through to Bruce Arians.
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