The No.67 shirt I am still on the run from Kenyatta Walker for voting him into a top five "Worst-ever Buccaneers" and he's a big dude. It really is a true story that he went into the PR team asking for my address because he wanted payback for that recognition on BUCPOWER.COM a few years back. And former center John Wade didn't help by printing multiple copies of the piece and taping them all over his locker! But being serious, this really is a collection of the lesser-names in franchise history with a massive total of 13 regular team starts, nine by Tom Alward and four from Mike Sullivan, before Kenyatta came along to become the fans' favourite target. Roy Harris did make two starts for the replacement team and had a sack and Brett Moritz was one of the team's earliest draft busts, appearing in just six games as a 2nd round pick out of Nebraska in 1978. Karl Morgan was a USFL refugee who backed up for three seasons before moving into the college coaching ranks. The current owner of the jersey is 2nd round draft pick from 2022, Luke Goedecke. BEST EVER TO WEAR No.67 FOR THE BUCCANEERS - KENYATTA WALKER
Click on the player's name for their profile page, Buccaneer stats and picture galleries Years Player Pos 1976 Tom Alward G 1978 Brett Moritz G 1982 Robert Cobb DE 1984-86 Karl Morgan DT 1987 Roy Harris DE 1992-95 Mike Sullivan G 1996-97 Stephen Ingram G/T 2001-06 Kenyatta Walker T 2010 George Johnson DE 2016 John Hughes DT 2017-18 Michael Liedtke T 2022- Luke Goedecke G