The No.57 shirt For all the reputation the Buccaneers have developed over the years for great linebackers, this countdown through the 50s are producing a lot of one-year wonders and relative no-names from franchise history. David Lewis was one of the main forces though of the 1979 NFC Conference team and missed only two starts in four seasons having been a 2nd round pick in the 1977 draft. He wins the best-ever No.57 almost by default however, as this is not a number worn with any great distinction elsewhere by a Buc. Keith Browner was a draft bust and Winston Moss' best seasons came in his alternative No.58 jersey. Dwayne Rudd was a one-year owner of the number but he lost his starting job almost as quickly as it was given to him and he became another ex-57. But when it comes to great Buc legends, the story of LaCurtis Jones is one of the best. Having been told in training camp 1997 that he was going to be released, he made overturns that he was going to shoot his position coach for cutting him and the police had to be called to escort him from the premises and back to his home in Texas. Adam Hayward spent seven seasons owning the jersey and although he was a captain of the special teams' squads for most of that time, his defensive work was limited and not close to what Lewis produced three decades before. A recent owner of the jersey was been 2016 2nd round bust Noah Spence followed by a pair of short-term special teams players. BEST EVER TO WEAR No.57 FOR THE BUCCANEERS - DAVID LEWIS
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