The No.39 shirt Only 11 players have ever worn this number for the Buccaneers and it took 12 seasons for someone to sport in a game even then. Cliff Austin actually began Ray Perkins' reign in Tampa as one of his two starting backs having arrived in a trade with the Falcons, but only ever saw action in three games as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Greg Boone was a member of the replacement team and had a single carry for two yards as his offensive action in the NFL. But the next player to sport his number, was one of the best safeties the Bucs have ever had. Harry Hamilton was a real team leader and played four solid seasons in Tampa before injury ended his NFL career. Charles Dimry was the last really decent player to wear No.39 for the Buccaneers and was a starter at cornerback for nearly three seasons in the orange and white, whilst Kalvin Pearson was a depth and special teams' player since making the roster as a free agent. Noah Herron, was a late season roster addition in 2008 but never actually suited up for the Bucs and Brandon Dixon was not much more than a special teams roster filler during 2014. Isaiah Johnson did wear the 39 with distinction in the 2017 season finale when he scored on a special teams fumble return. Andrew Adams had it for a year before returning to the 26 jersey and the last two owners wore it so briefly you would have hardly noticed them. BEST EVER TO WEAR No.39 FOR THE BUCCANEERS - CHARLES DIMRY
Click on the player's name for their profile page, Buccaneer stats and picture galleries Years Player Pos 1987 Cliff Austin RB 1987 Greg Boone RB 1988-91 Harry Hamilton S 1994-96 Charles Dimry CB 2007 Kalvin Pearson S 2008 Noah Herron RB 2014 Brandon Dixon CB 2017-18 Isaiah Johnson S 2019 Andrew Adams S 2020 Parnell Motley CB 2021 Chris Cooper S