The No.38 shirt A real collection of instantly forgetable names from Buccaneer history here. I mean, honestly, had you ever heard of Jack Wender or Dennis Bligen before you read this page? But they are still all-time Buccaneers and part of this countdown. Johnny Davis wins the best-ever in this jersey simply on the fact that none of the other No.38s really did anything worthwhile for the franchise. Nicknamed “The Bull”, Davis rushed for over 700 yards in his three seasons in Tampa Bay and started most of the 1978 season for John McKay. John Howell left Tampa after four seasons as a back-up safety and special teamer and Todd Scott may well have seen a lot more action had injury not ended his two seasons for the Bucs almost as soon as they started. A recent owner was Dashon Goldson who arrived in 2013 as a big-money free agent signing but did little to live up to the price tag in the two following seasons and was probably outplayed in the number by undrafted free agent cornerback Jude Adjei-Barimeh. The last three owners have both been back-up running backs who saw more time on special teams. BEST EVER TO WEAR No.38 FOR THE BUCCANEERS - JOHNNY DAVIS
Click on the player's name for their profile page, Buccaneer stats and picture galleries Years Player Pos 1977 Jack Wender RB 1978-80 Johnny Davis FB 1984-85 George Peoples RB 1986 Dennis Bligen RB 1987 James Evans FB 1989-90 Jamie Lawson FB 1994 Mike McGruder CB 1995-96 Todd Scott S 2001-04 John Howell S 2009-10 Brandon Anderson CB 2013-14 Dashon Goldson S 2015-16 Jude Adjei-Barimah CB 2018 Shaun Wilson RB 2021 Kenjon Barber RB 2023- Derrek Pitts CB