The No.36 shirt 18 players have worn No.36 in Buccaneer history and only the late Bobby Futrell wore it for any considerable length of time before Tanard Jackson arrived on the scene. Bobby started the 1988 season at cornerback and was key special teamer for the rest of his time in Tampa Bay. He sadly passed away shortly after his NFL career ended. Rick Berns was a 3rd round pick who had a couple of starts in the backfield when Ricky Bell was injured, and the strike team Derrick Thomas was definitely not the Chiefs' All-Pro linebacker from a few years later. Markus Paul played one game for the Bucs and went on to win a Super Bowl ring with the Patriots as part of their strength and conditioning coaching team. Two players to wear the number in the 2000s were back-up running backs, Ian Smart, who played briefly during the 2004 season and then Lionel Gates who had the number during his brief 2006 stint on the roster. Tanard Jackson may have had some off-field issues during his four years with the Buccaneers but did enough when he was actually allowed to play to earn the best-ever honour. Since then it was been the number for one-season wonders and MJ Stewart was one of the more recent secondary draft busts who was released in his second season despite being a second round pick. BEST EVER TO WEAR No.36 FOR THE BUCCANEERS - TANARD JACKSON
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