To go with the veteran safety or one of the two younger backs. Cedric Brown gets our nod for the best-ever No.34 in Buccaneer history thanks to his long career at free safety for the franchise and that he remains 3rd alltime on the interception list behind Donnie Abraham and Ronde Barber. Both Reggie Cobb and to a lesser extent, Lars Tate, had some good momens in the Buccaneer backfield, but nothing all- conquering as some other backs have done for the franchise. Dexter Jackson is going to be another person on this list whose name is instantly recognisable to Buccaneer fans, and that is always going to be for one particular game against the Raiders which saw him named as MVP of Super Bowl XXXVII. Greg Comella saw limited action in 2004 as a fullback and the number was taken over in 2005 by Earnest Graham who had gotten bored with the 33 jersey he wore as a rookie the previous year. Graham had a very solid Buccaneer career including a stellar 2007 campaign as the starting tailback but not enough to overtake one of the great early Buccaneers. Michael Smith had a Buccaneer career that lasted but one game although Charles Sims showed some flashes during his four seasons as a third down back whilst Godwin Igwebuike became the second member of his family to appear for the Bucs albeit for only one game in 2018. Mike Edwards wore the number as a rookie before switching to the 32 jersey. BEST EVER TO WEAR No.34 FOR THE BUCS - CEDRIC BROWN
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