It is strange that when you consider that the next number in the sequence, 32, has seen some of the best players in franchise history wear it in games, that the No.31 shirt could have such a collection of nobodies and never-weres. Hence it is actually quite hard to find a "best to wear it" nomination. It took nearly a decade for 31 to be worn for more than a couple of games, and even then, Craig Curry was a poor link in a terrible Leeman Bennett-coached secondary. Jerry Anderson, the first owner, became a hero off the field when he saved two boys from drowning but sadly died in the process. Tim Wansley had a terrible off-field attitude and was cut by Jon Gruden after the 2003 season, and Mazio Royster was one of these players who left college a year early and never recovered. Floyd Young was a good special teamer and Darryl Pollard once had a 75-yard interception return against Chicago, but that really is about it. Two players picked up the 31 jersey during 2006, Derrick Strait who was briefly on the roster early in the season, and then former Raider 1st round pick Philip Buchanon who held it until 2008 when he joined the Lions as a free agent. One of the longest-owning wearers was EJ Biggers who did an OK job in his Buccaneer career and Major Wright did not do a lot at all in his three seasons in the number. Jordan Whitehead, has had a very promising first two seasons but then switched numbers leaving it for Antoine Winfield to take over the number in 2020 and quickly establish himself as the best ever to wear it for the Bucs. BEST EVER TO WEAR No.31 FOR THE BUCS - ANTOINE WINFIELD
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