14 of the 20 players to have worn the No.21 shirt have been cornerbacks through their Buccaneer history although not many are going to go down as some of the most recognisable names to most Tampa Bay fans into the NFL. From Joe Blahak's start in the first game in franchise history, through to Alterraun Verner starting for three seasons, No.21 has often been out there on an island for Tampa Bay. John Holt was a decent if unspectacular corner for five years and Milton Mack had his moments. Charles Wright's only claim to fame was a 15-yard personal foul penalty that led to Ray Perkins losing his rag with him and cutting him from the team. But the best-ever No.21 has to be Donnie Abraham - a starter as a rookie and one of the best corners we have ever had. Only a high salary cap number and the emergence of Brian Kelly led to the end of his career in Tampa Bay, but he went on to play several more seasons as a starting cornerback for the Jets. Scott Frost went on from his four games with the Bucs in 2003 to becoming head coach at his alma mater, Nebraska. Then there was Sabby Piscitelli who became one the favourite targets of the boo-birds for numerous missed tackles during his four-year tenure with the Buccaneers. 2012 free agent signing Eric Wright wore the jersey for a season and he succeeded 2011 draft pick Allen Bradford who became the first non- defensive back to own the number. Alterraun Verner was a high priced free agent arrival in 2014 but his three years wound up being someway short of what Abraham produced leaving Donnie pretty much standing alone as creditable players in the 21 shirt. Justin Evans was a high draft pick in 2017 who never lived up to his billing whilst the number was taken over by Ke’Shawn Vaughn who switched from his original 30 jersey that he wore as a rookie. BEST EVER TO WEAR No.21 FOR THE BUCS - DONNIE ABRAHAM
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