The No.14 shirt There had been only been two numbers worn by the top quarterbacks in Buc history until Josh and Jameis arrived on the scene, 12 and 14. Doug Williams and Trent Dilfer wore the former, whilst the No.14 shirt boasts a whole string of Buc starters throughout their history. Randy Hedberg was the unknown rookie who opened the 1977 season with cries of "Why not Minot?" in respect of the little college he attended, Minot State. Chuck Fusina backed up Doug Williams for three years but is more well known for winning two USFL titles. Jack Thompson was "The Throwin' Samoan" who cost the Bucs a first round pick in a trade with the Bengals in 1983. And as for Vinny, well enough has been written about his career and there was no chance of him being selected the best to wear No.14 for the Bucs. So after a brief appearance by former Georgia Tech QB Joe Hamilton in that number, it was worn by Brad Johnson during the Super Bowl victory and to great distinction during his career in Tampa Bay. But then after over a decade's absence, Ryan Fitzpatrick took over the number in 2017 and started several games in place of Jameis Winston including a pair of stunning games to open the 2018 season. Chris Godwin became the latest No.14 when he handed over his original number to Tom Brady and has proven to be one of the best receivers in franchise history albeit a little in the shadow of Mike Evans. BEST EVER TO WEAR No.14 FOR THE BUCCANEERS - BRAD JOHNSON
Click on the player's name for their profile page, Buccaneer stats and picture galleries Years Player Pos 1977 Randy Hedberg QB 1979-81 Chuck Fusina QB 1983-84 Jack Thompson QB 1987-92 Vinny Testaverde QB 2000 Joe Hamilton QB 2001-04 Brad Johnson QB 2017-18 Ryan Fitzpatrick QB 2019 John Franklin WR 2020- Chris Godwin WR