THE BUCPOWER.COM PODCAST NETWORK Click on the pictures for that episode or subscribe for free via iTunes or Spotify EPISODE 8 - SEASON FINALES This is the first time in NFL history that teams will play a 17th regular season game.  Most seasons have of course finished after 16 games but there are a few in franchise history that were different.  The latest BUCPOWER podcast looks at some of these games with stories about division clinchers, terrible weather and ahem, not trying quite as hard as you might have done.   I am joined by TJ Rives who tells tales of freezing cold weather in Tampa and being on a plane ride back from New Orleans listening to score updates. EPISODE 7 - WHY JAMES WILDER BELONGS IN THE RING OF HONOR This podcast is different to the others as we are not featuring one specific game. Instead we put the case for the greatest offensive player in the history of the Buccaneers to be inducted into the Ring of Honor. I am joined by noted historian and author Denis Crawford as we look back over the nine-year career of James Wilder, review his performances season-by-season and play clips of some of his memorable touchdowns.
20 years ago, BUCPOWER.COM was launched and the first of the many multi-millions of hits followed. Every game, every player, everything Bucs.  The site has taken some evolutions over the two decades but has become renowned around the world as the ultimate Buccaneer resource site, one that is the envy of many other NFL teams. Now comes the next evolution - the BUCPOWER.COM podcast. It has been a few months in development but now is live - free to access by Buc fans around the world via this site and also via iTunes and Spotify. We will be featuring famous games from team history and telling the stories behind those games. Going back in time to that era, talking to the players involved and commentary from the TV coverage.   Leading Buccaneer journalists will join me on each show on the ultimate flashback for any fan of the Super Bowl champion franchise. Subscribe to the BUCPOWER.COM podcast for the latest episode and all previous ones and also the No Quarter Given  podcast with Peter Blake and Jason Powers.  And let me know what you think! Which games would you like to see featured? Which memorable match-ups from Buc history should we cover? Paul Stewart