The 2022 season will probably go down as somewhat of a failure for the Buccaneers in spite of winning the NFC South title for a second consecutive year and reaching the post-season for a third straight season. The record was 8-9 and required some late game heroics for three of those victories. The offensive line was crippled by two key injuries before the season even started and only rarely did the Bucs move the ball consistently and score enough points to be successful. Tom Brady set an NFL record for completions in the regular season but the passes were constantly short and underneath and teams quickly adapted to also shut down the Tampa run game. The defense looked great at times, terrible at others and it was only thanks to the division being historically weak that the Bucs took their place in the post-season. There they were quickly and easily handled by the Cowboys in a home Wild Card game. Brady retired for good and an era in Buc football came to an end.
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