NFC SOUTH Tampa Bay 13-4 New Orleans 9-8 Atlanta 7-10 Carolina 5-12
NFC EAST Dallas 12-5 Philadelphia 9-8 Washington 7-10 NY Giants 4-13
NFC NORTH Green Bay 13-4 Minnesota 8-9 Chicago 6-11 Detroit 3-13-1
NFC WEST LA Rams 12-5 Arizona 12-5 San Francisco 10-7 Seattle 7-10
AFC EAST Buffalo 11-6 New England 10-7 Miami 9-8 NY Jets 4-13
AFC NORTH Cincinnati 10-7 Pittsburgh 9-7-1 Cleveland 8-9 Baltimore 8-9
AFC SOUTH Tennessee 12-5 Indianapolis 9-8 Houston 4-13 Jacksonville 3-14
AFC WEST Kansas City 12-5 Las Vegas 10-7 LA Chargers 9-8 Denver 7-10
WILD CARD GAMES Tampa Bay 31 Philadelphia 15 LA Rams 34 Arizona 11 San Francisco 23 Dallas 17
WILD CARD GAMES Kansas City 42 Pittsburgh 21 Cincinnati 26 Las Vegas 19 Buffalo 47 New England 17
DIVISIONAL GAMES San Francisco 13 Green Bay 10 LA Rams 30 Tampa Bay 27
NFC CHAMPIONSHIP San Francisco 17 LA Rams 20
DIVISIONAL GAMES Cincinnati 19 Tennessee 16 Kansas City 42 Buffalo 36
AFC CHAMPIONSHIP Cincinnati 27 Kansas City 24
SUPER BOWL LVI at SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles Los Angeles Rams 23 Cincinnati Bengals 20
2021 The defense of the Super Bowl trophy was a valiant one but came up short with a home loss to the Rams in the Divisional Round. The breaks that had gone the Bucs’ way the previous year in terms of health and big plays were not present this time round and key injuries hurt the team down the stretch and into the playoffs. Tom Brady led the Bucs to 13 wins, the most in their franchise history albeit with an extra game added to the schedule. He also led the NFL in passing yardage and touchdowns at the age of 44. His supporting cast was depleted at times and the walkout of Antonio Brown in the middle of the Jets’ game did not help. And then Brady finally rode into the sunset, retiring two weeks after the Bucs’ playoff loss but changing his mind just over a month later allowing the gang to come back in 2022 for one more run.