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New   uniforms   and   a   new   attitude   around   the   Bay   Area.   The   Bucs   jumped   out   to   a   5-0   start   and   became   the new   heroes   of   the   NFL.   They   made   it   into   the   post-season   for   the   first   time   in   15   years   and   also   had   their first   winning   season   in   that   time   too.   And   all   led   by   the   quiet   man   of   the   NFL,   Tony   Dungy.   The   defense   was awesome   and   the   offense   could   do   enough   to   win   a   game   or   two   by   itself   too.   The   Old   Sombrero   was   closed on a rocking Saturday night as the Bucs defeated the Lions 20-10.
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