INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING BUCS: Carter 19-79, McNeill 3-13, DuBose 3-8, Dickinson 2-5, Johnson 1-1. JETS: Gaines 27-103, Davis 16-76, Todd 3-37, Giammona 1-(-5). PASSING BUCS: Spurrier 19-8-75-1-0, Hanratty 8-3-24-0-0, Dickinson 13-7- 103-1-0. JETS: Todd 10-3-50-0-0, Namath 12-7-94-0-1. RECEIVING BUCS: Carter 6-37, B.Moore 2-32, Owens 2-19, McNeill 2-17, McKay 1-49, Smith 1-20, Douglas 1-12, Williams 1-6, M.Moore 1- 6, Johnson 1-4. JETS: Gaines 4-76, Caster 4-44, Piccone 1-14, Knight 1-10. INTERCEPTIONS BUCS: none. JETS: Sowells 1-27, Taylor 1-22. KICK RETURNS BUCS: Carter 3-73, McNeil 2-43, Lemon 1-2. JETS:  Piccone 1-23. PUNT RETURNS BUCS: Reece 2-7. JETS: Piccone 6-112, Giammona 1. SACKS BUCS: Wood 1-11. JETS: Neal 2-16, Galiagher 1-1, Poole 1-14.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0 New York Jets 34 Sunday 14 November 1976 at Shea Stadium
SCORING NYJ 1:54-1Q Gaines 14 run (Leahy kick) NYJ 9:02-2Q Caster 3 pass from Namath (Leahy kick) NYJ 1:54-2Q Leahy FG21 NYJ 0:27-2Q Davis 5 run (Leahy kick) NYJ 13:51-3Q Piccone 60 punt return (Leahy kick) NYJ 10:31-4Q Leahy FG30
STARTERS OFFENSE DEFENSE LT 71 Young LDE 78 Rudolph LG 72 Fest DT 76 Pear C 51 Ryczek DT 61 Selmon RG 79 Wilson RDE 66 Toomay RT 74 Current LLB 30 Gunn TE 86 Moore MLB 52 Reese WR 85 Owens RLB 54 Wood WR 89 McKay LCB 25 Jordan FB 35 DuBose SS 33 Cotney RB 32 Carter FS 28 Stone QB 11 Spurrier RCB 46 Reese SUBSTITUTIONS 4 Green, 5 Hanratty, 19 Johnson, 20 Pierson, 22 McNeill, 27 Davis, 43 Williams, 44 Moore, 53 Ball, 56 Cooper, 59 Lemon, 64 Robinson, 65 Moore, 67 Alward, 70 Young, 77 Little, 80 Novak, 82 Pagac, 84 Douglas, 88 Smith DID NOT PLAY 18 Dickinson INACTIVES 26 Davis, 40 Washington
The Bucs were undone by six turnovers including four lost fumbles.  The nearest they came to scoring was when Dave Green’s 40-yard fieldgoal attempt was wide right and a 4th quarter drive led by Parnell Dickinson that saw two incomplete passes into the endzone from the Jets’ 16-yard line and then another turnover to end the scoring chance.  John McKay's take on the game:" Joe Namath is still Joe Namath, but I thought our guys were nice to him.   I notice when they knocked him down, they helped him to his feet. That was gentlemanly. I thought one stood around long enough to get his autograph."
GAME HIGHLIGHTS Video footage from the expansion season is limited to occasional clips from the NFL Films season highlight film as NBC who broadcast all 14 games that season, destroyed the master tapes some years later leaving none of the games available in the way other games from Buccaneer history are.    However we have been able to obtain the coverage from NFL Films’ Review of the Week in which the Buccaneers were featured, sometimes though not in the most flattering of highlights.              The left video are the selected Buccaneer clips.   The right video is the one from the Review of the Week.