THE WORST BUCCANEERS COUNTDOWN For a franchise that has taken more of its fair share of hard times, picking a list of terrible Buccaneer players should not be a difficult one.   But what criteria to use?   After all, we as fans and sportswriters have no access to game film or knowledge of which players consistently missed assignments or failed in their obligations as NFL participants.  And all of them, even the very worst, was light years better than any of us. So the deciding factor has to be expecation.     What was a player supposed to achieve for the Bucs when they were drafted or signed.   Did they fail to live up to their hype or promise?   An additional rating can be on their personality in terms of were they a complete asshole on and off the field. When I first did this countdown some 15 years ago, I did not include players that were not part of the all-time roster.  So the likes of Bo Jackson, drafted first overall but who never played, were not included.  Not this time so expect to see the former Kansas City Royals’ outfielder in the list somewhere.    The original countdown also led to me getting threats from Kenyatta Walker after his inclusion in the Top 10 was spread all over the Buc locker room by John Wade leading to Walker storming into the PR office trying to find out where he could find me.  He got even more stick for that from what I heard. A few players who you will not see on the list but who were considered.   There are only three quarterbacks included and they are probably not the ones you would expect.  And no Jameis was not even considered.   Jeff Garcia came close as the stories about his unpopularity in the locker room are well known but he was a decent player on the field.  He just let everyone know it too often. I really wanted to include Aaron Stecker just to annoy all the Scottish Claymore fans who to this day think he was better than Walter Payton because he had one good season in the World League.  And if I wanted to pay homage to some of Tampa Bay’s biggest all-time assholes, then one member of the NFL Hall of Fame would definitely be in there but that would not be right.   There is one serious prima-donna included though and his actual position in the countdown was secured at the start. Scott Bradford of Bucs Life wanted to include 24 kickers and Booker Reese which means he really must dislike the 1982 2nd round pick as he seriously hates kickers.   There are four specialists in the list and two have made the Top 10.    But there are enough good stories behind the selections to make it an interesting countdown, one I hope you will enjoy and take in the spirit it was meant.