LOS ANGELES CHARGERS The Bucs and Chargers now only play every four years because of the inter-conference scheduling arrangements in the NFL but they did meet a little more often in the 1990s when both teams had 5th place divisional finishes. The all-time series is currently led 8-4 by the Chargers after the Bucs’ win in the last three meetings, two in Tampa and the latter on the road in the 2016 season. The two teams have never met in pre-season play. The Bucs did of course win Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego.
Game summaries Click on any of the links below to go directly to the detailed BUCPOWER.COM game screens for each encounter with the Chargers. This will show statistics, scoring summaries, game reports, pictures and ultimately video highlights from each game. 19 Sep 1976 H Lost 0-23 13 Dec 1981 H Lost 23-24 11 Oct 1987 H Lost 13-17 28 Oct 1990 A Lost 10-41 22 Nov 1992 A Lost 14-29 02 Jan 1994 H Lost 17-32 17 Nov 1996 A Won 25-17 12 Dec 2004 A Lost 24-31 21 Dec 2008 H Lost 24-41 11 Nov 2012 H Won 34-24 4 Dec 2016 A Won 28-21 4 Oct 2020 H Won 38-31