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WELCOME TO BUCCANEER JEOPARDY The sad passing of Alex Trebek brought one of the world’s greatest game shows into the limelight again last week.  Even though the show never really caught on here in the UK, my own interest was piqued when IBM created their Watson program to compete and ultimately win on the show.    So today we bring you a new version of the game. Buccaneer Jeopardy.   Five questions plus the final one for all the money with a 2020 Bucs connection. I’ll have Tampa Bay Buccaneers for $200 -   The answer is 62.0 “What is the minimum QB rating that Jameis Winston will post this weekend for Buccaneer fans to crash social media” The Bucs do not play until Monday Night so Sunday is free.  So you just know that every Buc fan is going to be watching the Saints’ game and just waiting for any incompletion or ideally an interception.  And then immediately post on Facebook or Twitter about it.   Whether it is right or wrong, you know it is coming. Tampa Bay Buccaneers for $400 - The answer is a lawsuit, a stripper and a fight “What are the three most likely reasons for Antonio Brown to be cut before the end of the season” It is a nice story that he is back in the NFL, well for everyone outside of the protest groups anyway.   He has 10 receptions in two games but he is nothing more than a complement to Evans and Godwin.  And so it should remain.  He is better than the likes of Scotty Miller or Tyler Johnson but no-one wants to see him take plays away from the main duo.   And if he gets released, it should be no loss to the team.  Just no distractions please. Tampa Bay Buccaneers for $600 - The answer is 1 “How many jobs does Scott Bradford think a kicker has” Ryan Succop is actually leading the NFL in scoring.   Of his four misses, two PATs and two FGs, two were blocked so he had no chance whatsoever of making them.  These numbers are way better than anything we have seen in recent years.   But you know Scott is just ready to unleash his patented “Always go for two” post if Succop was to ever miss.    And the Rams have just signed former Buc Matt Gay. Tampa Bay Buccaneers for $800 - The answer is between 80 and 100 “What is the real membership number of the Bucs UK fan club” They are claiming to now be over 400.   Yeah right.   This is why they had 76 tickets in their block for the game in London last year, that there are no pictures of huge membership gatherings at the game and only a dozen were at their “exclusive” event at the team pub.    Go back to 2009 and 2011 when the club had between 105 and 114 members respectively. I arranged over 350 tickets for members and their families & friends for both games at Wembley and there are multiple pictures of big club gatherings.   Several people report that they now have less people entering their club competitions than in 2011 and 2012.   The Liar and the Leech continue unabated. Tampa Bay Buccaneers for $1000 - The answer is Donovan Smith “Who do Buc fans think is to blame for every sack” The left tackle does take an inordinate amount of criticism from fans.  Even worse is when many of these fans have no real knowledge of offensive line play so immediately jump to conclusions.  There are a few NFL analysts who fall into this category too.  Quick pop quiz - who was the starting LT for the Super Bowl team?     It was not Kenyatta who really began the trend of ripping the tackle - he was on the right side for that game but switched to the left in later years.  Sacks can be a result of the back failing to pick up a blitzer, double-teams being shifted the wrong way, the QB hanging on to the ball too long.  Please just stop assuming straight away it was No.76.   Roman Oben was the answer - exactly - no-one remembers him because he kept Brad Johnson’s blind side clean. And now the bonus final question for the big prize - At what yard line would Bruce Arians begin considering going for it on 4th and 1? “What is the Bucs’ 19-yard line” When you saw the offense on the field against the Bears last month in the second quarter and going for it from inside their own-20, what was your immediate reaction?    Exactly.     Bruce, you are going a great job, you have a roster absolutely loaded with talent.  You have a great interior offensive line and a quarterback who is exceptional at sneaks.   Just please please PLEASE only do it inside the opposition half.