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BUCCANEER 100-YARD RUSHERS When Ke’Shawn Vaughn took a hand-off from center in the Chargers’ game, he became the 221st Buccaneer player to register a rushing attempt in team history.  But how many of them have gone to eclipse the 100-yard mark as new Buc Leonard Fournette did in his second Tampa Bay game and who is the leading centurion in team history? The very first 100-yard rusher was Jimmy DuBose who was an expansion Buc but it took until the seventh game of the 1978 season for it to happen - so the 35th game in team history.   Just after he reached the milestone, DuBose was injured on a fumble recovery play and never carried the ball for the Buccaneers again.     Just part of the twisted history of the franchise. One of DuBose’s team-mates was Ricky Bell and he soon began racking up the 100-yard games including a team-record 167 in a game against the Packers the following season.   He also recorded one of the two post-season tons when he over-powered the Eagles in the 1979 Divisional round.  Michael Pittman has the other in a little game that took place in San Diego in January 2003. In all, there have been 27 running backs and one quarterback to have reached the mark for the Buccaneers.    The latter was not Steve Young as some fans may think (he never got more than 68) but Vinny Testaverde in a game against the Vikings in 1990 that included a 48-yard scoring run.  That was Richard Williamson’s first game as head coach replacing the fired Ray Perkins and Vinny summed up the day when he was quoted as saying “it was nice to come back to the bench and not get yelled at”. James Wilder leads the way with 14 tons including an incredible six consecutive games that took in the final two games of 1984 and the first four of 1985, the opener of which was a 166-yard performance against the Super Bowl-bound Bears that remains the best rushing performance I have ever seen from a Buccaneer.    He also has one of the four 200-yard games in team history, against Minnesota in 1983.  Warrick Dunn added one in 2000 and Doug Martin had a pair in 2012 and 2015, the former being the team-record 251 yard game against the Raiders. Some of the other trivia items from 100-yard games include Nathan Wonsley replacing Wilder in a game in Detroit in 1986 and promptly recording a ton in the process.   Mike James also had a monster 158-yard performance in Seattle in 2013 before getting injured.    The nearest two other players came to joining this list were QB Mike Rae who had 95 yards in a 1978 loss to the Rams, and Jerry Ellison who included a 75-yard scoring run in his 91-yard day in Detroit in 1995. It may surprise some fans to know Mike Alstott only had seven 100-yard games in his entire career, 131 being his career high, but he had more memorable runs than most of the players on this list. THE TOP FIVE 14 James Wilder 11 Warrick Dunn 11 Doug Martin 9 Cadillac Williams 8 Errict Rhett Ricky Bell, Reggie Cobb, Mike Alstott, Michael Pittman and LeGarrette Blount all have seven 100-yard games to round out the top 10. Earnest Graham (6), Jerry Eckwood (4), Ronald Jones (4), Bobby Rainey (3), Nathan Wonsley (2), Lars Tate (2), Thomas Jones (2), Jacquizz Rodgers (2) and Peyton Barber (2) are the backs with multiple tons. Single 100-yard games:-  Jimmy DuBose, James Owens, William Howard, Vinny Testaverde, Gary Anderson, Reggie Brooks, Mike James and Leonard Fournette.