SAM WYCHE 23-41 Sam Wyche became the fifth head coach of the Bucs in January 1992 after Bill Parcells had been offered the job, turned it down, and then was sent packing after later changing his mind and wanting the job. Wyche beat out Mike Holmgren and Buddy Ryan to succeed Richard Williamson, and promised to bring his up-tempo offensive game to Tampa in the same way as he had taken the Bengals to the Super Bowl. Wyche can only be described at times as a genius. But all geniuses are eccentric at times and Sam was certainly that. Many of the Tampa press soon tired of his bull by the end of his four years, and it really did get to the point where he wanted to be praised for his play-calling and creation than his actual success with the franchise on the field. He had a running feud with Trent Dilfer towards the end of his final season, was being ridiculed by press and fans alike and the team had pretty much quit on him after a 5-2 start. With new ownership in place, things were starting to be turned around in Tampa Bay and keeping Sam Wyche as head coach was not part of them, Sam turned his hand to commentary work after leaving Tampa working for CBS both at games and in the studio. He also suffered badly from health problems in his later years including treatment for throat cancer and sadly passed away in 2020. Click here for a collection of pictures from his Buccaneer coaching career