RAY PERKINS 19-41 Ray Perkins was introduced on December 31, 1986 as "my Vince Lombardi " by Hugh Culverhouse. Obviously the Bucs' then-owner knew another person with the same name as the former Packer coaching legend. Perkins was a total disciplinarian and immediately alienated many of his players with three-a-day practice sessions during his first training camp, and ruthless impersonal style in dealing with them. Much has been made about his fight at half-time in New Orleans in the 1987 season with offensive lineman Ron Heller, and by the end of his near-four seasons in Tampa, most of the players were ready to lynch him. "Throw Ray in the Bay" and "Jerk the Perk" were the cries too from the Tampa fans. The media had some interesting views on his time with the Bucs with a combination of respect for his honesty but also wary of his cold nature at times. However I have a different view on Ray Perkins. It was thanks to him that I got to watch an NFL game on the sideline, it was thanks to him that I got to meet so many players and front office staff, and he was a perfect host during my first trip to Tampa. I will always owe him a debt of thanks that goes beyond his 19-41 mark coaching the Buccaneers. A former head coach with the Giants and the man who succeeded Bear Bryant at Alabama, Ray Perkins had various coaching jobs after leaving the Bucs including a stint with Alabama A&M in the college game, and as quarterbacks coach with the Patriots amongst others. Passed away in December 2020 at the age of 79. Click here for a collection of pictures from his Buccaneer coaching career