The legend that was Extra Point
For five years, the likes of First Down and Gridiron UK were challenged by a new American football magazine. Home-grown, A5 in size and on sale only in Sportspages and on subscription, Extra Point featured some of the best writers in the country on a whole range of gridiron-related subjects. And without being restricted by the normal journalistic guidelines of good taste or editorial standards, it quickly became part of the British football scene. Now a decade on from the final issue rolling off the copiers, we give you a lasting tribute to EP from the people involved, and a reprise of some of the best articles that appeared within its pages.

Some of the most famous EP articles
Neil Watson - Mighty Morphin Scottish Claymores
Steve Careford - the Extra Point game
Nick Barnes - OJ Simpson - Turn on the Juice
Paul Stewart - the Sweeney take over the NFL
Anon - Monty Punkrabbit's Flying Circus
Elvis Presley- Shutout by Denver
Trent Dilfer - You don't impress me much
Cher - Do you believe in life after John?
Dan Marino - (No more) seasons in the sun
Mike Holmgren - The Leader of the Pack
The Brady Bunch in New York
The conspirators
How former editor Steve Careford remembers it all
The beginning of EP by publisher Neil Watson
Memories of EP by Paul Stewart
Other memories of Extra Point
Some of the stories we got in trouble for
Troy Aikman's sexuality and rookie hazing
Is Prince William John Elway's love child
Old-time football with George Halas (now cleaned up!)
Some of the legendary EP covers
Why the Bengals have gone into hiding
Making a monkey of World League coach Galen Hall
Was a Channel 5 presenter lead singer of the Shamen?
Some of the more famous contributors to EP
Nick Halling when he was still one of the lads
And an interview with him
Former First Down editor Keith Webster