MY LIFE BEHIND THE SPIRAL - Steve Young An autobiography written in 2017 The BUCPOWER.COM review Steve Young went on to become a Hall of Fame QB and Super Bowl MVP with the 49ers but of course started his NFL career with the Buccaneers in the very worst of their years. So the chapters dealing with his time in Tampa are going to be of interest to any Buccaneer fan. Which they are. The stories of the attitude of the players under Leeman Bennett in 1985 and 1986, the famous Snow Bowl and his one completed pass to a wide receiver, a story that Kevin House had also told me about. And his ultimate trade to the 49ers for two draft picks and a pile of cash for owner Hugh Culverhouse. The rest of the book is very strange at times. Stories about being in the USFL and then backing up Joe Montana are all well and good but Young spends page after page reflecting about his struggles to find a wife and his Mormon religion. OK it is his book and his choice. And it was mine to try and forget about all of those as quickly as possible. In short it is worth getting for the Buccaneer sections alone but do not expect to be overwhelmed by the rest of the 380+ pages. Other reviews "Steve Young is a hero of mine, and his story is a source of inspiration for me. His perseverance, intelligence, and, most of all, grace under pressure NFL-style, make this book a fascinating read. Thanks, Steve, for sharing your story with one of your biggest fans!" --Tom Brady "All football fans know what a tremendously talented and successful quarterback Steve Young was in his NFL career. But what they don't know about are the challenges and personal obstacles Steve had to overcome to make his dreams come true. This is a most exciting and compelling story." --Roger Staubach "There has never been a QB like Steve Young, and there has never been a football memoir quite like QB: A Life. Young's battles with anxiety make you forget you are reading about a Hall of Famer, and make you root for him at every turn. This is a revealing, honest, compelling book that any fan will enjoy." --Michael Rosenberg, senior writer, Sports Illustrated "Steve was not just another Hall of Fame QB--he was extraordinary in every facet of life. His passion, preparation, and attention to detail is so vivid you feel as though this QB has put you right in the middle of a huddle of life. I've never read a football book with more honesty and integrity--it's typical Steve. What a quarterback! What a man!" --Jim Nantz, CBS Sports "Steve Young's scrambling, pinpoint passing, and perseverance helped make him an NFL Hall of Fame quarterback. He wowed us every Sunday. Until reading QB, though, I had no idea about the personal mountains he had to climb to make his dreams come true. This is a most memorable story for all fans." --Chris Berman, ESPN