McKAY’S MEN The story of the 1979 Tampa Bay Buccaneers by Denis Crawford McKay's Men tells the story of the first playoff team in Tampa Bay Buccaneer history. Two years after going 0-26, the Buccaneers made it to within one game of the Super Bowl. Led by legendary coach John McKay, Hall of Famer Lee Roy Selmon and future Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams, the 1979 Buccaneers shocked the nation and became beloved icons to the Tampa Bay area. Containing interviews with Lee Roy Selmon, Doug Williams, Bill Kollar and Richard "Batman" Wood, McKay's Men takes you into the locker room and re-creates the era of 1979. A must for Bucs fans and a great read for anyone who likes a "From Worst to First" story. The BUCPOWER.COM review I have been lucky enough to have seen this book from early manuscripts through to the final versions. I guess I know more than the average Buc fan about the history of the team and its players, And still I found something new on every single page. I can honestly think of no better accolade than that. We all know how bad the Bucs were in their first two seasons and how it took them 26 games just to win a game. And yet two years on from that day in New Orleans, they were hosting the Rams in the NFC Championship Game. Denis has done more than just recount the games - one hell of a lot more. He has interviewed the players and coaches, he's talked with the likes of Rick Odioso who was the Bucs' Assistant PR Director at the time, and he has spoken with the media who covered the games. What you have are 206 pages of pure joy for any Buccaneer fan anywhere in the world. A book that can take you back to perhaps the days before you became a die-hard Buc fan, but one that can have you sitting in the Old Sombrero and cheering for Doug Williams, Ricky Bell and the rest. Richard "Batman" Wood, Cecil Johnson, Dewey Selmon, Jeris White, Neil O'Donoghue - just some of the names that may be just names before you pick up the book, but who will become as detailed characters as the likes of Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks have become now. Every Buc fan worth his salt has some kind of Super Bowl XXXVII book on his shelf - they also have Joey Johnston's "Tales from the Sideline". And without a doubt, this is the third and by far the best historical book on the Buccaneers to come out. Denis, you have done Buc fans around the world proud!