TAKE THIS JOB AND LOVE IT A compliation book published in 2003 The BUCPOWER.COM review Another post-Super Bowl success book and another one that totally features Jon Gruden. But this is written about him not by him, and also is unusual in that it has a hologramatic cover hence the slight distortion on the image shown as the title and picture change depending on which way you look at the book. This is a collection of articles and essays written about Jon Gruden from school friends to early coaching colleagues, from Tampa sportswriters to the likes of NFL Films guru, Steve Sabol. Martin Fennelly's piece is particularly brilliant and the likes of other Tampa writers, Tom McEwen, David Whitley and even Scot Brantley contribute too. It's a nice book with some interesting stuff in it, but you really do get the impression reading it that it was just produced as quickly as possible to cash in on the Super Bowl success in 2003.