QUIET STRENGTH - Tony Dungy Written in 2008 The BUCPOWER.COM review The Buccaneers may not have ever won the Super Bowl with Tony Dungy but they would not have won it without him. Under his coaching and leadership, the franchise turned around in the late 90s paving the way for the success in San Diego in January 2003. Dungy then went on to coach the Indianapolis Colts and led them to Super Bowl success after the 2006 season. Naturally this then led to an autobiography written in conjunction with Nathan Whitaker in which he recounts his days leading up to lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy. For Buccaneer fans, there are several chapters dealing with his time in Tampa, getting the head coaching job and then the stages taken to rebuild the franchise. There are stories about particular players and situations culminating in his firing after a second consecutive playoff loss to the Eagles. This is an essential part of your Buccaneer bookcase. There will never be a finer man associated with the NFL than Tony Dungy and his philosophies and beliefs can be found on almost every page on this fine book. The official trailer He led his team to #1 in the world and showed the world a better way to live, lead, and succeed. When Tony Dungy led the Indianapolis Colts to victory in Super Bowl XLI and made history as the first African American coach to win the big game millions of people, amazed by the success of his quiet, authoritative leadership style, wondered: how does he get it done? In the pages of this fascinating memoir, Tony Dungy reveals the secrets to his success principles, practices, and priorities that have kept him on track despite overwhelming personal and professional obstacles, including firings, stereotypes, and the tragic loss of a child. In the face of so much adversity, Tony has not only survived but risen to the very top of his profession in a way that's won the respect of fans, players, and ev en his competitors. His thoughts on leading, succeeding, and attaining true significance will inspire you to take a long, hard look at the things that "really" matter in your own life.