The 1994 Buccaneer draft review
Summing up 1994 - Above Average
Not a bad draft overall with some fair offensive performance over a couple of years but no serious stand-out excellent choices. Only one player from the draft failed to make the final roster at some point but if only Dilfer had become the franchise quarterback everyone hoped.

1Trent DilferQB
2Errict RhettRB
3Harold BishopTE
4traded to Dallas for S Thomas Everett
5Pete PiersonT
6Bernard CarterLB
7Jim PyneC
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For 1994, the draft was reduced to seven rounds. The Bucs drafted 6th in the first round, and then 5th, 4th and 6th in subsequent rounds.

1 - QB - Trent Dilfer - Fresno State - OK pick
Tough call this one - was Trent worth the sixth overall pick? He went on to become an average NFL starter for nearly a decade and won a Super Bowl. But every Buc fan will have been judging him against the challenge of saving the franchise. Great guy, not a great quarterback and only an average performance for this high a choice in the draft.

2 - RB - Errict Rhett - Florida - Good pick
For two years, he was the Buc running game gaining over 1,000 yards in 1994 and 1995. He then held out for half a season and never again did anything really worthwhile in the NFL. A serious waste of a great collegiate talent.

3 - TE - Harold Bishop - Louisiana State - Terrible pick
Played in six games and never caught a ball. But somehow Rich McKay traded him to the Browns where he was equally unspectacular, in return for a pick that turned out to be Mike Alstott.

4 - traded to Dallas for S Thomas Everett - Good trade
Played two seasons in Tampa and proved the veteran leadership in the secondary that the Bucs needed.

5 - T - Pete Pierson - Washington - Good pick
Hung around on the Bucs longer than any other player from this draft and played in over 100 games even if he started only a handful. Was signed and re-signed to the roster a couple of times in his early pro days.

6 - LB - Bernard Carter - East Carolina - Wasted pick
Never played football in the NFL at all. Had been a defensive end in college and played only sparingly at linebacker which was the position the Bucs tried him at. The brother of future first round pick and future Buccaneer Kevin Carter out of Florida.

7 - C - Jim Pyne - Virginia Tech - Great pick
Spent four seasons with the Bucs and started at guard for two of them before moving on to play for Detroit and Cleveland as part of an eight-year NFL career. The third generation of his family to play professional football.