The 1992 Buccaneer draft review
Summing up 1992 - Above Average
You have to regard this as a fairly good draft for the front office team as it was through no fault of their own that they had no first-round pick. All through the draft are solid contributors with several players who went on to long and profitable NFL careers. Had Hawkins been a stud receiver, this would be one of the best drafts ever in terms of actual selections.

1traded to Indianapolis for Chris Chandler
2traded to Oakland
2(from Oakland) Courtney HawkinsWR
3Mark WheelerDT
3traded to New Orleans
3(from New Orleans) Tyji ArmstrongTE
4Craig EricksonQB
5traded to New England for LB Jesse Solomon
5(from New Orleans) Rogerick GreenCB
5(from Kansas City) Santana DotsonDT
6traded to Cleveland
6(from Cleveland) James MaloneLB
7traded to Denver for WR Ricky Nattiel
7(from Oakland) Ken SwillingS
8Anthony McDowellFB
8(from Cleveland) Mike PawlawskiQB
9traded to Minnesota for LB Jimmy Williams
10Elijah AlexanderLB
11Mazio RoysterRB
12Klaus WilmsmeyerP
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The Bucs drafted 2nd, 4th and 3rd through the rounds of this draft. The additional 5th round pick came from the Kansas City Chiefs in return for LB Ervin Randle. Additional 3rd and 7th round picks came from the Raiders in a return for swopping 2nd round selections. Another 5th round pick came courtesy of the Saints for swopping third round selections. The additional 8th round pick came from Cleveland in return for swopping 6th round picks.

1 - traded to Indianapolis in 1991 for QB Chris Chandler - Terrible trade
Ray Perkins traded this pick away as he wanted competition for Vinny back in 1990. What he got was a pouting sulking back-up who whinged every time he didn't play. Richard Williamson eventually cut him midway through 1991 to avoid a team mutiny and the Bucs then had to sit back and watch the traded pick become the second overall selection. At least Quentin Coryatt was a bust for the Colts who took Steve Emtman with their own overall No.1 pick.

2 - WR - Courtney Hawkins - Michigna State - OK pick
Good solid No.3 receiver who stayed in the NFL for over a decade. Played five seasons with the Bucs but they were looking for more than a No.3 receiver with this pick.

3 - DT - Mark Wheeler - Texas A&M - Good pick
Very solid run-stuffing nose tackle who started for three seasons in Tampa. Went on to play several more years in New England.

3 - TE - Tyji Armstrong - Mississippi - Poor pick
Played four seasons in Tampa but never a decent NFL tight end in terms of production. Kept the local press happy with his off-field behaviour before going to NFL Europe and then the Dallas Cowboys.

4 - QB - Craig Erickson - Miami - Great pick
The Bucs cleverly drafted Erickson who had been taken in the 5th round by the Eagles in 1991 but had never agreed terms with them. Worked his way from clipboard holder to starter and then brought the Bucs a No.1 pick from the Colts (poetic justice?) when Trent Dilfer was given the reins to the team in 1995.

5 - traded to New England for LB Jesse Solomon - Good trade
Played the 1991 season at one of the middle linebacker positions and did a good job but did not make the 1992 roster following a personality clash with Sam Wyche.

5 - CB - Rogerick Green - Kansas State - Poor pick
Never showed anything of his potential in college due to injury in the NFL.

5 - DT - Santana Dotson - Baylor - Excellent pick
Was the NFL's Rookie of the Month his first time out in the league and went on to a successful 10-year plus career with the Bucs and the Packers.

6 - LB - James Malone - UCLA - Wasted pick
Never played football in the NFL at all. Only became a regular starter at inside linebacker for the Bruins during his senior season.

7 - traded to Denver for WR Ricky Nattiel - Bad trade
Nattiel had been part of the Broncos' Three Amigos receiving corps during the late 1980s but had gotten hurt and was way past his best when this trade was done. He didn't even make the team out of training camp.

7 - S - Ken Swilling - Georgia Tech - Wasted pick
Never played football in the NFL at all. Had been a defensive monster in college but his game did not transfer to the pro field at all. His brother Pat played many seasons for the New Orleans Saints.

8 - FB - Anthony McDowell - Texas Tech - Good pick
Kept the full-back position for most of the three seasons he was a Buccaneer and was an adept receiver out of the backfield too.

8 - QB - Mike Pawlawski - California - OK pick
Never had a chance to play for the Bucs in the regular season but went on to become one of the most decorated QBs in Arena League history and was also the first-ever selection of the XFL in 2001.

9 - traded to Minnesota for LB Jimmy Williams - Excellent trade
The Bucs got a season and a half of veteran starting linebacker in return for a late round selection. One of the better deals of the decade.

10 - LB - Elijah Alexander - Kansas State - Good pick
Only lasted a season as a back-up in Tampa Bay but when on to a decade-long career with the Raiders and Broncos as an outside linebacker.

11 - RB - Mazio Royster - USC - OK pick
Came out of college a year too early and paid the price. Was never more than a back-up in three seasons with the Bucs.

12 - P - Klaus Wilmsmeyer - Louisville - Wasted pick
Never played a down for the Buccaneers. Did wind up punting for the 49ers for three seasons however, followed by two more in New Orleans and one in Miami.