The 1987 Buccaneer draft review
Summing up 1987 - Well Above Average
The most picks in a draft in franchise history and a whole bunch of contributors. Ray Perkins had to stock a desperately-depleted squad after two years of Leeman Bennett and picked up an entire receiving corps in the form of Carrier, Hill and Hall. Reynolds and Moss were great picks but it comes down to how you view the selection of Vinny with the No.1 overall pick. Giving Perkins the benefit of the doubt, this will go down as one of the best drafts the Buccaneers have ever had.

1Vinny TestaverdeQB
2traded to Buffalo
2(from Buffalo) Ricky ReynoldsCB
2(from San Francisco) Winston MossLB
2(from New England) Don SmithRB
3Mark CarrierWR
4Don GrahamLB
4(from Buffalo) Ron HallTE
4(from San Francisco) Bruce HillWR
5traded to New England
5(from New England) Henry RollingLB
5(from Washington) Tony MayesS
6traded to Pittsburgh for C Dan Turk
6(from San Diego) Steve BartaloRB
7Curt JarvisNT
7(from New England) Harry SwayneDE
8(from Indianapolis) Stan MataeleNT
8traded to NY Jets for T Marvin Powell
9Joe ArmentroutRB
9(from New England) Greg DavisP
10Mike SimmondsG
11Reggie TaylorRB
12Scott CooperDE
12(from St.Louis) Mike ShulaQB
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The Bucs drafted first throughout each round of this draft and did a mountain of deals prior to it taking place. The first additional 2nd round pick came from the 49ers together with a 4th round pick and cash for QB Steve Young. The second extra 2nd round pick came from New England for G Sean Farrell. A draft day deal to swop 2nd round picks netted an extra 4th round pick from the Bills. The additional 5th round picks came from New England in return for a 4th rounder the following season and for the rights to Doug Williams from the Redskins - the original 5th round pick had been traded to the Patriots for a 6th rounder the previous year. The Bucs traded their own 6th round pick to the Steelers for C Dan Turk but gained one back from an earlier deal with San Diego for the rights to LB Andy Hawkins. The original 8th round pick was traded to the Jets for T Marvin Powell but a replacement was gained from the Colts for CB John Holt. And finally, the extra 12th rounder came from the St.Louis Cardinals for LB Rick DiBernado - phew!

1 - QB - Vinny Testaverde - Miami - OK pick
It's difficult to say whether this was a terrific or terrible pick. Vinny had a long NFL career but never lived up to his billing as the No,1 overall pick. But then again, how many QBs have? He had some good days in Tampa but he certainly never performed at a consistently high level when starting for the Bucs. He did OK in his six seasons in Tampa but nothing more than that.

2 - CB - Ricky Reynolds - Washington State - Great pick
Played seven seasons with the Bucs and started at cornerback for most of that time.

2 - LB - Winston Moss - Miami - Good pick
A solid starting linebacker for four seasons who went on to become a long-time assistant coach in the NFL.

2 - RB - Don Smith - Mississippi State - Terrible pick
Scored a TD in the Super Bowl but did absolutely nothing for the Bucs. His main claim to fame was receiving a long prison sentance for cocaine distribution.

3 - WR - Mark Carrier - Nicholls State - Magnificent pick
Went on to become the leading receiver in franchise history for over two decades after he left. Enough said.

4 - LB - Don Graham - Penn State - Bad pick
Hampered by injuries and only ever played two games in his rookie season. Did not make the 1988 team out of training camp.

4 - TE - Ron Hall - Hawaii - Great pick
Had a really solid all-around receiving and blocking career for seven seasons in Tampa Bay.

4 - WR - Bruce Hill - Arizona State - Great pick
How to build a receiving corps in one draft - Hill, Carrier and Hall spent five seasons as a tremendous trio for the Bucs.

5 - LB - Henry Rolling - Nevada-Reno - OK pick
Played as a back-up for two seasons. Bounced around the NFL a little after leaving Tampa but was really nothing more than a special teams player.

5 - S - Tony Mayes - Kentucky - Wasted pick
Never played a down for the Bucs. Did appear for the St.Louis Cardinals in their three replacement games however. Had been a three-year starter in college and played both cornerback and safety at Kentucky.

6 - traded to Pittsburgh for C Dan Turk - OK trade
Played a couple of seasons on the offensive line and then bounced around the league as a specialised snapper. It was his bobbled snap for Washington in the 1999 post-season that saw the Bucs advance to the NFC championship game.

6 - RB - Steve Bartalo - Colorado State - OK pick
Played part of the 1987 season. Scored his debut in the season-opening blowout of the Falcons and it went downhill from there.

7 - NT - Curt Jarvis - Alabama - Great pick
Solid lineman whose promising career was curtailed by a neck injury. Played three and a half years in Tampa and was always one of the most popular players with the fans in that time.

7 - DE - Harry Swayne - Rutgers - Great pick
Converted to offensive tackle and went on to play in four Super Bowls after leaving Tampa as a forgotten Plan B free agent in 1991.

8 - NT - Stan Mataele - Arizona - Wasted pick
Never played a down for the Bucs. Did appear in two of the replacement games for the Green Bay Packers however. A native of Hawaii, he led the Pac-10 in tackles in his senior season.

6 - traded to NY Jets for T Marvin Powell - Poor trade
A former All-Pro who was totally washed-up and injury prone by the time he arrived in Tampa. Thankfully it was only an 8th round pick that Leeman Bennett gave up for him in 1985.

9 - RB - Joe Armentrout - Wisconsin - Wasted pick
Never played football in the NFL at all. Was voted Wisconsin's Offensive Player of the Year as both a junior and senior but was more of a blocking back specialist than out-and-out ball carrier.

9 - P - Greg Davis - Citadel - OK pick
Went on to kick for the Cardinals for a number of seasons and ended his NFL career with nearly 1,000 points scored.

10 - G - Mike Simmonds - Indiana State - OK pick
Hampered by injury but did start five games in 1989. Went on to coach high school football in the Tampa area.

11 - RB - Reggie Taylor - Cincinnati - Wasted pick
Never played football in the NFL at all. By far the smallest offensive player ever drafted by the Bucs at just 5-5. Was an honorable mention All-American as a senior but was just too small to make it in the pro game.

12 - DE - Scott Cooper - Kearney State - Wasted pick
Not related to the former Scottish Claymores' wide receiver. Never played football in the NFL at all. Was a long-shot draft pick from a small college who had led his team in tackles his two final years.

12 - QB - Mike Shula - Alabama - OK pick
Spent all of 1987 as a clipboard holder and then became the Bucs' offensive co-ordinator a decade later.