The 1986 Buccaneer draft review

1Bo JacksonRB
1(from Miami) Rod JonesCB
2Jackie WalkerLB
2(from Miami) Kevin MurphyLB
3traded to New Orleans for DB David Greenwood
4Craig SwoopeS
5JD MaarleveldT
6traded to Denver for DE Brison Manor
6(from New England) Kevin WalkerS
7traded to Buffalo for WR Perry Tuttle
8traded to L.A. Rams for CB Ivory Sully
9Tommy BarnhardtP
10Ben ReedDE
11Mark DrenthG
12Clay MillerG
12(from San Francisco) Mike CrawfordRB
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The Bucs drafted first overall throughout each round of this draft. The additional 1st and 2nd round picks came from the Miami Dolphins in return for LB Hugh Green. The additional 12th round pick came from trading the rights to C Jim Leonard to the San Francisco 49ers on his return from the USFL. The additional 6th round pick came from New England in return for a 5th the following year.

It will hopefully never, ever, get any worse than this for the Buccaneers on draft day. We all know about Bo but the selections of Jones and Walker were total busts and only Kevin Murphy performed anywhere near his expected level. The trades were pretty poor but so were the Bucs for the two years of Leeman Bennett. GRADE: F-

1 - RB - Bo Jackson - Auburn
Never played a down for the Buccaneers. The story is well known by now. Jackson refused to play for Hugh Culverhouse and the Bucs, bolted to baseball and then was drafted by the Raiders in 1987 and played both professional sports to an All-Pro level. This whole saga really was the epitomy of the Buccaneers in the mid 1980s and it thankfully never worse than this.

1 - CB - Rod Jones - SMU
Every time you saw an opposing TD pass against the Bucs in the late 80s, it was Rod Jones getting beat. Eventually he ended up in Cincinnati but as a first round pick for the Bucs, this was another bad one.

2 - LB - Jackie Walker - Jackson State
Proved to be so unsuccessful as a pro linebacker that Ray Perkins even tried him as a third-string tight end to get some value from his selection. Wound up playing a couple of seasons in the Arena League.

2 - LB - Kevin Murphy - Oklahoma
The only diamond in the rough. A solid outside linebacker who did a good job for the Bucs for six seasons.

3 - traded to New Orleans for DB Dave Greenwood
Had done well in the USFL and the Bucs needed a safety hence the trade with the Saints for his rights. Struggled having played a spring USFL season in 1985 before joining the Bucs and it turned out to be his only year in Tampa.

4 - S - Craig Swoope - Illinois
Started in the secondary as a rookie but was nothing special for the worst defense in the league. Name was pronounced Swope (rhymes with hope) which was all the 86 Bucs actually had.

5 - T - JD Maarleveld - Maryland
Hung on for two seasons as a back-up tackle and occasional starter. Suffered from Hodkgins' disease and was involved in community work to promote the fight against the cancer as a result.

6 - S - Kevin Walker - East Carolina
Saw brief time as a rookie but will be best known for being named NFC Defensive Player of the Week during the 1987 strike games as a replacement player.

7 - traded to Buffalo for WR Perry Tuttle
Never played a down for the Buccaneers. Tuttle had been a first round bust for the Bills so being included in this draft review is pretty apt really.

8 - traded to L.A. Rams for CB Ivory Sully
Wanted the chance to start in the NFL having been a perennial back-up for the Rams and spent two seasons in that role with the Bucs.

9 - P - Tommy Barnhardt - North Carolina
Eventually played in Tampa but not for the Bucs for another decade. Bounced around the NFL until he came back to Tampa from 1996-1998 as an unrestricted free agent.

10 - DE - Ben Reed - Mississippi
Never played a down for the Buccaneers. Appeared in three games for the Patriots' replacement team the following year. Was an under-sized pass rush specialist in college who was not able to handle the bigger linemen he faced in the pro camps.

11 - G - Mark Drenth - Purdue
Never played football in the NFL at all. Started at both guard and tackle in college for three seasons and was seen as a pass-blocking specialist when he was drafted.

12 - G - Clay Miller - Michigan
Never played football in the NFL at all. Another three year starter in college who did not make the successful jump to the professional game. Had even started three games on the defensive line for Michigan as a freshman.

12 - RB - Mike Crawford - Arizona State
Never played a down for the Buccaneers. Appeared in three games for the Browns in the replacement games the following year. Was a highly-recruited back out of high school but was always a back-up to Cowboy draft pick Darryl Clack at Arizona State.