The Titans' trick kick return score
Stephen F Holder, The St.Petersburg Times, published 28 November 2011

On the play, Bucs kickoff specialist Mike Koenen and his cover men were attempting a right-side kickoff, putting the ball near the Bucs sideline. That's where KR Marc Mariani fielded it at the goal line and worked his way up the field. The Bucs had a wave of cover men converging to pin him against the sideline when he did the unexpected.

At the Tennessee 16, Mariani stealthily handed the ball to DB Tommie Campbell, who was heading in the opposite direction. By the time the Bucs found the ball, they were in a footrace that they would lose, resulting in an 84-yard touchdown return for Campbell.

"It was a great call because nobody saw it," Adam Hayward said. "We were all running to where the ball was. We had no idea."

The play was called 37 Special. "Once I got past the safety, I knew I had it," Campbell said.

"They've done a lot of tricks, but nothing like that," said Hayward, Tampa Bay's special teams captain. "We were expecting something else. It was perfect timing. It was a good call because we had people coming across the field (in the opposite direction) and they just walled us off."

And, for that, Morris can thank his old friend, Coach Parlavecchio. "I got outdone by my high school head coach," bemoaned Morris afterward. "Unbelievable, isn't it?"