Big Albert returned home Sunday
Stephen F Holder, The St.Petersburg Times, published 28 November 2011

Albert Haynesworth had been looking forward to his return to Nashville, where he spent the first seven seasons of his NFL career. In fact, he still has pretty important ties to the area. "(Saturday) I got to see my kids, and they're getting huge," he said. "I really miss them."

But Haynesworth made it clear he was in town on business. "Coming here to play in front of the Titans fans was great, but it would have been even better for me if we would have gotten a win here," he said.

Haynesworth finished with four tackles, including two for losses. He consistently helped collapse the pocket around QB Matt Hasselbeck and made penetration into the backfield on running plays. On one, when he decked RB Javon Ringer for a loss, Haynesworth got up from the pile and pumped his fists.

That drew some mild boos from the Titans fans, who surely recall his decision to leave the team as a free agent in 2009. Still, Haynesworth's recollections remain fond. "I appreciate the memories," he said.