Highs, lows from TV broadcast
Tom Jones, The St.Petersburg Times, published 3 November 2008

Well we all saw the game here in the UK so Tom Jones' comments are pretty relevant.

Best replay
Good work by Fox to show how much cushion Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib, left, gave receiver Dwayne Bowe on Kansas City's first touchdown. If Talib had been backed up any farther, he would've been fourth in the beer line.

Inappropriate comment of the day
Did Fox announcer Ron Pitts really make a reference to the Bucs getting their pants pulled down? We know what he meant, but still, take an extra second and think of another analogy.

Best (or worst, if you're the Bucs) timing
Fox flashed a graphic noting that the Bucs were the only team not to have allowed a rushing touchdown this season three plays before the Chiefs scored a rushing touchdown.

Worst tackle
Okay, give Bucs returner Clifton Smith a slap on the back for the second kickoff return for a touchdown in Bucs history, but geez, did you see that pathetic attempt at a tackle by Chiefs special-teamer Jon McGraw? The seventh-year player knows it's tackle football and not two-hand touch, right?

Best eavesdropping
Nice job by Fox sideline reporter Charissa Thompson, left, to report how Bucs corner Ronde Barber went back to the bench yelling and throwing his helmet after getting toasted by Chiefs quarterback Tyler Thigpen on the flea-flicker touchdown midway through the second quarter. There you go, a sideline reporter giving us news that's actually informative and interesting. Thompson capped her good day by telling viewers that the mother of Bucs tight end Alex Smith rushed to the field wearing a Smith No. 81 jersey when he limped off the field with an injury after catching a pass for the two-point conversion that sent the game into OT.

Worst penalty
Apparently, NFL rules now prohibit offensive linemen from falling on defensive linemen who have fallen on the ground. Bucs tackle Donald Penn got flagged 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct for, we suppose, blocking too hard. "I have a hard time being critical of Donald Penn on something like that,'' said Fox analyst and former offensive lineman Tony Boselli, "because I used to do that every chance I got.''

Best penalty
Jumping early is never a good thing unless you're Bucs lineman Jeremy Trueblood and your quick trigger wipes out a missed overtime field goal.

Interesting tidbit
While talking about how Jon Gruden and Jeff Garcia do not appear to be "on the same page,'' Fox analyst Tony Boselli revealed that Garcia told him the Bucs did not even practice the play they ran on fourth down in last week's loss to Dallas.

Happiest Buc on the charter flight home
Earnest Graham. Runnersup: Ronde Barber, Sabby Piscitelli.

Worst play
Only the Bucs could attempt a two-point conversion from the 2-yard line, complete a pass and still not make the end zone. That's right. The Bucs completed a pass on a two-point conversion try and did not score. Fortunately, they figured out how to do it on their second two-point conversion attempt of the day, the play that we're now calling "The play that saved the Bucs' season.''

Final thought
We were this close to a miserable two weeks in Tampa Bay.