Tom Jones, The St.Petersburg Times, published 22 October 2007

Most frustrating game
Who knows what the rest of the season holds, but if the Bucs miss the playoffs by one game, or miss winning the division by one game or miss getting homefield advantage in the playoffs by one game, you get the feeling this is the game everyone is going to bring up. Jeff Garcia's fumble near the end zone early in the fourth quarter not only was the play of the game, it might turn out to be the play of the year.

Most frustrating plays
So, what's the number of kickoff returns without a touchdown up to now, something like 2-million? Here's the thing. Not only haven't the Bucs ever returned a kickoff for a touchdown, they never look like they're even close to returning a kick for a touchdown.

Best play
Whoever came up with thestrategy for the Bucs on that first onside kick should be given a raise. That was the best onside kick ever, certainly better than the usual kick-it-to-the-sideline-and-hope-for-a-crazy-bounce strategy.

Dumbest play
Guard Davin Joseph's late (and entirely unnecessary) hit killed what looked to be a touchdown drive midway through the second quarter. The only thing worse was Fox analyst Tony Boselli making excuses for him. Joseph piling on after the play cost the Bucs points. Maybe seven. AlthoughMatt Bryant should make a 40-yard field goal, especially indoors, it would've been much closer had Joseph shown some discipline.

Best quotes
During the Bucs' pregame radio show, new back Michael Bennett was asked about the Bucs' facilities. "On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 100," Bennett said. "It's like a luxury jet. You got it all." Asked about learning coach Jon Gruden's terminology, Bennett said, "Well, it's like moving to China and having to learn the language in 48 hours." Who knows what kind of football player he will turn out to be with the Bucs, but so far, he's a heck of a quote.

Most head-scratching play
How do you call a timeout because the play clock is about to run out and then end up getting a delay-of-game penalty before the next play? That's what the Bucs did. "That is uncalled for," Fox's Ron Pitts said. "That should never happen."

Most visible Buc
Is it possible for the camera to go near the Bucs' sideline and not eventually hit Mike Alstott? We're seeing the A-Train more this season than we did last season when he actually played.

Most average crew
Fox announcers Ron Pitts and Tony Boselli had a pedestrian day, breaking out way too many cliches ("This is a big drive." "That was a big play." "The Bucs need to make some noise on this drive." "The Lions need a drive right here." "That was a big first down." "This was a big win."). Pitts and especially Boselli rarely added anything that most football viewers didn't already know or couldn't see for themselves by simply watching the game.

Bucs' favorite play
Jon Gruden's terminology is supposedly the stuff of legend, but don't you get the feeling that on nine out of 10 plays, quarterback Jeff Garcia tells the huddle, "Okay, I'll line up in the shotgun. Everybody go out but don't get open. The offensive line blocks for just a second. I'll start running for my life. And then I'll dump it off short to someone standing on the sideline 3 yards away from me. On two. Ready? Break!"

Most sickening sights
Paris Warren. Cadillac Williams. Michael Pittman. And now Michael Clayton and Mark Jones, above. Seriously, have you ever seen so many gruesome-looking injuries?