Gary Woollard
Well , What a weekend that was , Paul keeps raising the bar as the meets and events organised by Bucpower along with the Buccaneers organisation just get better and better, how long before one of gets a roster spot?

Friday, at practice down at Pennywell Park in Bagshot was stunning and to be honest I am still taking it all in, to watch the practise was so interesting and a great honour, great to meet up with all the Bucs UK stalwarts again.

Meeting the staff and players was a fantastic moment in my life and one I will cherish for many a year , all the players were very humble and made time for us all, to be rubbing shoulders with Ronde Barber, Josh Freeman, Donald Penn and the like is quite unbelievable.

Gerald McCoy and LeGarrette Blount must have spent over a half an hour signing and having photos taken, they also chatted with us as if they had been friends for years. Mark Dominik and Brian Ford showed up and exchanged much banter but also showed how much we The Bucs UK mean to them.

I travelled up and back with Alex Howells and the conversation on the way home never wavered away from the topic of what we had just witnessed I must say that everybody we met; players, coaches and staff were a genuine lesson on how professional sports men and women should behave in public, all were a true credit to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers club.

Saturday, Another great meal at the Texas Embassy set up by Wayne Hough, more top stories from Paul and the gang including TJ Rives who I had the great pleasure of being sat next to for the evening.

It was so nice to see so many members on parade, the food was great and the beer flowed, what more can you ask for? Thanks to all for dipping into your pockets for the raffle that I organised another £200 + for the Glazer fund.

Sunday and Gameday; I woke with a hangover from the meal on the night before but a good old English Breakfast soon put me in the mood for some pitch and catch with Brad Johnson and Jimmie Giles! And yes I can finally say Iíve played at Wembley.

A great morning amongst friends ,all with a lot more talent than me, but I donít think anybody could have enjoyed it more, I do know somebody who enjoyed it a lot less, my friend Graham who came along for the weekend broke his thumb warming up!

Again the Buccaneers organisation pulled another rabbit out of the hat: Brian Ford and his family, Brad and Jimmie, Shelton Quarles letting everybody hold and wear his Super Bowl ring and letís not forget Captain Fear. Remember these people do not have to do what they do but it seems they canít do enough for the Bucs UK.

The game was as in 2009 a little bit of an anti- climax, it would have been great to cap of the weekend with a win and I am a real bad loser but this was only a minor slight in a wonderful weekend. I try to throw myself at everything on offer as you never know when these kind of opportunities will arise again.

I must say the highlights of the weekend are many but if I had to pick a couple they would both be at the Friday practice seeing the look on my son Craig's face as the morning unwound, he was lucky enough to be given a genuine Buccaneer practice leather ball by Mark Dominik as well as Micheal Spurlockís receiving gloves as Michael came off after training, his room is already a sporting shrine that is now totally dominated by the Buccaneers, Bristol City are now the poor relation in our house.

A big thanks to Paul Stewart for making all this happen also a massive thanks to Brian Ford , Mark Dominik, Christy Schnell and the entire Buccaneers organisation for allowing this to happen and making the British Buccaneer fans fell so appreciated.