"Hang on, you're not Kellen Winslow" "Just throw me the bloody ball, I'm a TV personality" Brad takes his first snap in the UK Brian Ford III does the honours at center Two old receivers, two somewhat younger ones
Have you ever seen such determination? Admiring glances to a Super Bowl-winning QB Stewart runs the slant to open up the flat Touchdown Bucs UK - Brad finds an open receiver OK I'll throw it to one of the old guys this time
The guy in the Cutler shirt looks enviously on Time for the old hidden ball trick play. Brad Johnson fakes the hand-off to Paul Stewart who takes half the Chicago defense into the left flat with him. Brad sees Brian Ford III all alone and it's another Bucs UK touchdown
Brian and Judy Ford watch their son score a TD The Bears UK find a corner even older than Ronde The line piles forward giving Brad the sneak Ignoring the deep back, Brad throws again Not exactly James Wilder in the backfield
Forget Wilder, that's not even Aaron Stecker Harry Cambridge scores from a Super Bowl winner Brad and Jimmie celebrate once more time