Calling the plays in the huddle - although one of them seems to have a spy turning up too
Stephen Miranda The coach at work Neil taking charge C Brian Ford The Cambridge WRs
WR Steve Ford WR George Cambridge Interception and a pick six RB Harry Cambridge QB John Zinkus
The Bears UK go on offense and scored a memorable TD of their own
Neil Reynolds scores his touchdown for the Sky cameras and plays some serious ball too
Faking the PAT QB Paul Stewart Brian Ford scores John Z left side LB David Cambridge
QB Brad Johnson RB Steve Ford Too many defenders? FB Craig Woollard He's open then he dropped it!
QB looks downfield Now he's at tailback And now he's scored a touchdown too John Z in protection
QB George Cambridge C Graeme Reid TE Captain Fear Touchdown Bears UK Up to the line
Playing the cover 2 Words simply fail me Looking for the touchdown Fumbled snap Going for the six
All those open receivers Stick to pitching or golf The Ford boys in action QB Stephen Miranda CB David Hogg
S John Zinkus NT David Cambridge TE Gary Woollard S Captain Fear DB Phil McKenzie