Nigel Smith - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Good
The invitation to attend a Buccaneers practice at Pennyhill park was an opportunity not to be missed. Not only would we get to see a training session and get some idea of what goes towards preparing for an NFL game, but for an avid autograph collector like myself it was an opportunity of a lifetime.

So armed with some photos, including ones of me with Ronde, Barth and Mike, to name drop but three, I was delighted that virtually all the players were patient and courteous as selected members of the Bucs UK swarmed around them at the end of the session. Thanks guys. More photo frames now needed!

Brian Ford and Mark Dominik, what great guys, spending plenty of their time chatting to us at practice.
The Bucs UK calling a play to Penn (well, encouraging it anyway)
Good seats on the 50 yard line.
More exclusive Bucs UK shirts for the collection. Thanks Phil.
Ronde Barber. What a guy, what a player.
Paul Stewart, of course.

The Bad
Unfortunately the game itself didn't match the great build up. Another slow start meant a very subdued Bucs fan. We never looked like we were going to pull it back did we, nor did we really deserve to.
A certain DB with an ability to give away stupid personal fouls.
Not being able to get to the Touch football event.
Tackling. Both the Bucs and the stewards.

The Ugly
In the fourth quarter, just as Josh was trying to drag the Bucs back, my halftime pizza was also trying to make a comeback. I managed to keep it down for a while but there was no stopping it by the time I was outside on the Wembley way. I managed to make it to some trees by the side before the pizza re-emerged. So all those who walked passed and rolled their eyes at another drunken example of loutish behaviour, it wasn't, it was me. Sorry.