Steve and Kevina Turner
Thanks for the invite on Friday, it was a wonderful experience. To meet the players and the staff was for me the best part of the day for me. We managed to get about 12 signatures on the back of a shirt. It was also good to finally meet some of the other Bucs UK members.

As someone has already mentioned puts our pampered premiership stars in the shade. They could learn a thing or two about public relations.

Meeting Brad, Jimmie and Shelton at the touch football was an added bonus and we got them to sign the game day ticket. This along with the signed shirt and a couple of pictures from Friday and Sunday will know be framed. All that was missing was JF completing a comeback win.

Alex Howells
As 2011 has been a tough year on multiple fronts so for me Friday's day with the Bucs meant so much. To be allowed into the inner sanctum of an International sports team like the Bucs is an honour in itself, but when you add in the time taken by players and officials alike to sign autographs, pose for pictures and chat to fans it is so impressive and speaks volumes of the way the Franchise is run.

So many players deserve a special mention Freeman, McCoy and Blount were all especially courteous with their time and so approachable. I don't have one particular highlight but was pleasently surprised by certain players who come with reputations of being "a bit moody".

Kellen Winslow and Ronde Barber, both of which I had heard don't like doing autographs etc, were amongst the nicest guys on show, and Donald Penn was the nicest, funniest guy on the roster. As I said last year with Alstott and Co they say never meet your heroes but the Buccaneers continue to make that saying a myth!

David Hogg
It was an incredible weekend! Getting to meet Brad and Jimmie ... Putting the ring on the finger... The list goes on and they will live forever in the memory. I hope you all had as much of an incredible time as I did. Losing the game was not a good experience... but as you say, there is always next week!

Paul Greenfield
It was a truly great day. How lucky are all of us Bucs UK fans? Getting a chance to see our favourite team practice. I doubt there are too many American NFL fans who get a chance to see their team practice so we were truly priviliged.

It was so good to meet so many Bucs players and I felt like a kid again collecting autographs. Was lucky enough to get my photo taken with Ronde Barber and have my quick chat with him. Only blemish was Earnest Graham took my pen! I didn't like to ask for it back. Just kidding the loss of a pen is a small price to pay on a day which will live long in the memory

Nicholas Wood
I would just like to thank everyone for all of the work you have done over the last week. I never thought that I would have a chance to meet some of the Bucs past and present and despite the score yesterday made my Tampa Bay Bucs experience an unforgettable one. It was also nice to get to meet people who share the same passion for the franchise as myself. Thanks again.

Andrew Swain
I just want to thank everyone involved in making Friday practice , touch football and the game such a fantastic experience. It was incredible to watch the practice and have access to the players afterwards. Particular mention to Gerald McCoy and LaGarrette Blount for all the photos, signing and talking to us they did.

The touch football was an amazing experience as well and to meet Shelton Quarles, Brad Johnson and Jimmie Giles to us slightly older fans was a huge bonus. Not only to meet but to talk to and again get so many photos and autographs. Shelton Quarles was fantatstic and being allowed to see let alone try on his Super Bowl ring will live long in the memory.

My thanks to all involved in arranging the experience and the phrase “once in a lifetime experience” was used by many people over the weekend.

Neil Reynolds
What a great weekend – thanks for getting me involved in the flag football. I want to play every year if the Bucs are back over... and no more gimme touchdowns. I appreciated that one for the cameras but did you notice my catch and run when we were playing for real? Nice little spin move in there and almost scored! Shame about the result but Bucs were class organisation from start to finish yet again, including the fans!

Andy Moloney
I would like to offer my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to yourself and everyone else involved in the events. I wasn't one of the lucky few who was able to attend the Friday practice but I was fortunate enough to be at the touch game. The opportunity to meet Jimmy Giles, Brad Johnson and Shelton Quarles (and wear his SuperBowl ring!) was truly special.

I'm not one generally given to much emotion and exitement but meeting these guys made me feel like a little kid on Christmas morning! These guys didn't have to give of their time to be there but they did and were genuinely happy to. They were so polite, kind and friendly when they must be constantly approached by fans that i was really impressed by them and also quite humbled.

Paul Greenfield
Thanks for all your organizing over the last week as seeing the practice was a once in a lifetime experience and one that everyone that was there will never forget. The only disappointing thing was losing the game, we should have been out of the game by half time but showed some fighting spirit to almost win the game.

Richard Britton
How fantastic the meal and Sunday was and fantastic to meet three great players, who all had time for us – Shelton Quarles, Brad Johnson and Jimmie Giles. Total contrast to our overpaid premiership players. Wearing a Super Bowl ring was just an amazing honour, and one I'll treasure always. Fantastic to meet members of the club at the meal – enjoyed the John Elway tale.