Neil Macnamara
In no particular order, my top 10 memories from the week.

1) Representing the Bucs by playing in the touch football event.

2) The friendliness of most of the players, who were happy to chat, sign autographs and who seemed genuinely happy to be over in the UK.

3) How a group of adults who I assume live fairly normal lives turned into a group of what I can only describe as children anticipating Christmas because we were getting to meet our heroes.

4) Donald Penn "celebrating" with the fans at practice.

5) Logging on to the Bucpower website pretty much every hour rather than daily to check for updates.

6) Getting to meet Bucs UK members that I hadn't met before.

7) Getting to wear a Super Bowl ring! Thank you Shelton Quarles, above and beyond.

8) Getting the email inviting me to the practice.

9) How quiet life seems now......

10) The amount of effort and time that Paul Stewart put in to make this all happen, which I'm sure isn't fully appreciated my every club member. Thank you Paul, you're a Bucs legend!