Ian Costain
A truly memorable weekend. One of those rare occasions where you look back and ask yourself “did that really happen?”

Outstanding memory is that the players were a class act in their dealings with us.

Having been a member for eight years now, it was also the first real opportunity for me to put some faces to the names. I got chatting to so many great people at Friday’s practice, Saturday’s meal and the touch football - not one or two other members, but loads.

What a great bunch evidenced by the wonderful time everyone had at Saturday’s meal. I’m glad I don’t go with Graucho Marx’s philosophy of refusing to join a club that would have me as a member!

I reckon everyone in the Bucs UK has reflected on “well, how on earth did this all come about?” and everyone has answered “Paul”. It is only through his dedication and enthusiasm that it all came about, and I feel a little humble that we were able to share in some of his glory. Thanks again.

The players were just great human beings. Sure, it’s a part of their training - but no-one says that they have to be like that. Soccer players certainly aren’t. So, at Friday’s practice, the players were to a man open and welcoming - happy to take the time doing autographs, happy to take the time to chat and smile.

And at the touch football too. Got Brad Johnson’s autograph quite early on. I was with my 12 year-old son, Sam, and I asked Brad if he could put “to Sam” - of course this was no problem … “Sam, Great to meet you. SB 37 Champ. Brad Johnson 14”.

And then, about an hour later, I took a photo of another Bucs UK member, Andy, with Brad. Andy then said he’d take one of me & Sam with Brad (and email it to us) and, as we walked forward for our photo, Brad said “hey Sam, how are you doing?” Class, sheer class. A small thing but a very special thing to this 12 year-old boy.