Gary Botteley
Who would have thought that only a couple of years after playing in London, we would get the chance again so soon to watch them again this side of the pond. I feel very privileged to, in the space of three weeks, to take part in all the London festivities followed by what will surely be an amazing trip to Tampa.

Being able to watch Friday practice was to say the least, a dream come true. When it came down to it though, I didnít actually watch much of the practice. With all that was happening with the players that came up to see us, Brian Ford, and Mark Dominik as well, the practice session itself became somewhat of a blur.

I enjoyed the Donald Penn thing of course and the trick play, (***** to ****** sorry can't reveal who!) that worked beautifully in practice. I remember thinking that would be good points for my fantasy team if it comes off in the game. ! The whole morning made being a Buc fan worthwhile.

On the Saturday after spending time in London, we went over to Trafalgar Square to have a look at the fan rally. Not my sort of thing if I am honest, but I did take the chance to thank Brian Ford for the invitation to watch the practice on Friday. He very graciously took time to chat to us for a couple of minutes and even recognised me from the previous day.

We also enjoyed the meal at the Texas Embassy. Great to see so many people there. The special guests were brilliant. Great fun and very entertaining. If I had a criticism of the evening it would be the slowness of the service. A sign of the times Iím afraid where service takes second place to maximising profits by not having many staff on duty. Great night though.

Sunday was to say the least, a long day. I couldnít believe how many people were at the touch footy. Everyone had a great time including Brian Fordís sons who seemed to be on the field every time I looked. ! I managed to avoid making a pratt of myself by staying well in the background and leaving the energetic stuff to the younger ones.

I, like all Buc fans was disappointed at the result against the Bears, but at least we made a game of it and am sure the neutral fans would have enjoyed it as well. Not for the first time, injuries cost us. Had Faine, McCoy and Blount started, and Earnest Graham stayed fit I am convinced we would have won. I feel desperately sorry for Earnest Graham. He is such a nice guy, and I really hope he overcomes the injury and is back on the field next season.

All I can say now is roll on November and the trip to Tampa, and lets hope for another Bucs invasion of Wembley in the coming years.