Neal Colzie interception TD
Tampa Stadium v Minnesota
5 September 1981

The background

It was the first game of the 1981 season and actually the season opener across the NFL as the Bucs had gained permission from the NFL to play on the Saturday evening because of the hot weather in Tampa on the normal Sunday afternoon. Good old Hugh Culverhouse - always trying to get an extra buck for his pocket.

The Bucs wound up winning the NFC Central Division title in 1981 and this early chance to put one over on their expected biggest rivals for a play-off berth was always going to be big for John McKay's team.

The game situation
The Bucs were leading 14-13 inside the final minute but Minnesota had driven down to the Tampa 26. Steve Dils threw a pass to the left sideline that was picked off by Neal Colzie and returned for the clinching touchdown..

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